Saturday , 23 June 2018

Melody Aparicio Fights For Her Life

by Michele Stevens Bernard, TSB Staff

Melody Aparicio of Princeton needs our help. Excruciating abdominal pain is her constant companion. Due to fast-growing internal adhesions, that wrap, and strangle her insides, her entire abdominal region is now frozen, rendering her unable to eat or properly absorb nutrients.  She is fed through a port in her chest.  In short, Melody Aparicio is in need of a miracle.  Fast.

Melody’s medical challenges began shortly after the birth of her son, now 24.  Diagnosed with endometriosis, she underwent surgery to address this.  While it is not uncommon for adhesions, or internal scar tissue to form after abdominal surgery, in Melody’s case, scar tissue forms quickly, coating her insides in an abnormal manner.  Over the years, Melody has endured numerous treatments for her condition.  After her last treatment, the condition caused her colon to rupture and she became septic.

“My life changed overnight,” says Melody of her most recent health battle, “I was functioning one minute, and then I wasn’t.”

After spending over five months in the hospital, Melody is now home, awaiting her miracle. 

“My insides are basically frozen,” says Melody, “My quality of life is wrecked.  After trying everything here, I am hoping that the procedure I am about to have is the miracle I’ve been waiting for.”

On Friday, February 3rd, Melody will board an airplane headed for Germany.  Her husband, who has been with her every step of the way, will be by her side.  The medical procedure that awaits her in Germany, very well may be the miracle this 44-year-old mom and wife so desperately needs. The procedure, not yet approved in the United States, uses a special spray gel that prohibits the re-growth of adhesions.    

After Melody’s story appeared in the Dallas Morning News on January 16th, the community response was overwhelmingly positive.  Through the generosity of the North Texas community, Melody will be able to travel to Germany to receive this potentially life-saving procedure.

“I have been so blessed,” says Melody, “My husband has never left my side for a minute, not for one single night, and the group of physicians I work for still let me come in to work on my good days.  They’ve also set me up so I can work from home.  And the community! People have been so good and kind.  Total strangers have come forward with words of encouragement and donations.”

If treatment is successful and without complication, the couple is slated to return to the United States by the end of February.  We look forward to that day.

The community can help Melody by sending positive thoughts, prayers and well wishes her way as she undergoes her upcoming medical procedures.  We can also help by contributing to the fund established to help offset the exorbitant medical expenses that have besieged this family for the past several years.

Donations can be made to:

The Melody Aparicio Donation Trust
Viewpoint Bank
PO Box 869105
Plano, TX  75086


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