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MEF Names 247 Senior Scholarship Winners, Totaling $322,000













Photo Caption: From left to right- McKinney High Seniors receive the MHS PTO Scholarship:  Garrett Steck, Maya Flippen, Elizabeth Proctor (MHS PTO), Rebecca Browder, Chinelo Onubogu, Bill Kemsley    Photo Credit:

McKinney civic and business leaders, teachers, administrators, committed citizens and superintendents past and present were on-hand May 20 to honor the MISD Class of 2011 with scholarships as they prepare for their post high school future. It was an emotional night as proud parents looked on as their seniors were
rewarded for years of hard work and dedication.

In fact, if you missed it, Stuart Pearlman was there to provide a photo gallery of the event or TownSquareBuzz. You can view that previous story by clicking the following link:

Donors gave heartfelt speeches before their presentations, sharing their inspirations for giving.  For most, it was in honor of a parent or community member who had given of themselves to help them succeed in school and in life, and now is their opportunity to pay it forward.

As MEF Board President, Kathy Parker, introduced the event she stated “Our donors have experienced a better life because of the opportunities their educations provided. We are honoring you students tonight for your academic achievements, and the scholarships you are receiving exist because this community believes in the value of higher education.  I know of no better investment in the future, so as Mark
Twain once said, ‘Throw off the bowlines, and sail away from the safe harbor. Explore. Dream. Discover.’”

Mayor Loughmiller addressed this year’s recipients by saying, “Please remember that these local organizations have spent the last year or more raising money for you – the Class of 2011 – because they believe in you and your future. Every one of us in this room is a resource for you, even after you leave McKinney. We hope you will return to McKinney after college to pursue your careers in our community”.

“MEF experienced a record number of scholarship applications this year, so competition was fierce” explained MEF Executive Director Melanie Perkins.  “We were able to give scholarships to 247 seniors this year totaling $322,000. Our goal is to someday be able to give every graduating MISD senior a scholarship, but we are simply not there yet. In the meantime, students can utilize our MEF Advisors to assist them in their search for additional college funding. This year, our MEF
Advisors secured a record amount of over $9 million for college-bound students, and that amount does not include federal or state aid offered through FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)!”

Please see below for a complete list of the 2011 MEF Scholarship Awardees:

Andrew  Aceves
Reid    Ainsworth
Jasmine Albarati-Parrish
Lizandra        Alvarado
Olivia  Alvarez
Ryan    Anderson
Joanna  Appugliese
Mercedes        Armijo
Anais   Arteaga
Carson  Bahr
Chelsey Bailey
Lucas   Barnes
Spencer Barr
Ronnie  Barrow
Christian       Baum
Heath   Becthold
Taylor  Bennett
Jaime   Bentley
Brittany        Beres
Lauren  Bevan
Disha   Bhatt
Amanda  Bilyeu
Cassidy Black
Matthew Blair
Ariel   Blencowe
Katherine       Blodgett
Emily   Brandon
Julie   Brinkman
Joshua  Brooks
Rebecca Browder
Chandler        Brown
Alexander       Bruu
Edy     Burgos
Brandon Bush
Zach    Cabra
Laureen Carr
Laureen Carr
Malcolm Carthledge
Karen   Castiblanco
Robert  Clark
Jatoya  Cole
Erika   Cole
Shannon Cooper
Marcus  Cotton
Ian     Cowley
Kristen Crawford
Ryan    Creel
Horace  Cunningham
Kellen  Cunningham
Catherine       D’Annibale
Breanna Dargel
Ruby    Davis
Cassie  Dean
Kevin   Dibia
Lacy    Dickinson
Lyndsey Dickshat
Kristy  Dillard
Darrell Donaldson
Blake   Douglas
James   Driskell
Kevin   Eaton
Callie  Embry
Brittany        Estrada
William Evans
William Evans
Emily   Faulkner
John    Festa
Matthew Fey
Rebecca Fields
Connor  Fields
Andrew  Flint
Maya    Flippen
Kylee   Flores
Ebony   Francis
Karen   Franco
Jeremy  Friesenhahn
Zachary Friesenhahn
Ryan    Fritz
Alexa   Fuentes
Ron     Galvan
Christine       Garner
John    Gassett
Grace   Gidney
Angel   Gonzalez
Julie   Gore
Justin  Graham
David   Greer
Derius  Griffin
Mitchell        Grimes
Katie   Guido
Josh    Gunter
William Guzman
Brady   Hamlett
Conner  Hampton
Ty      Hardin
John    Harris
Robert “Hobie” Harris
Melissa Heap
Dani    Hebert
Jose    Hernandez
Kayla   Hightower
Michelle        Hoehne
Preston Hornbeck
Charlotte       Howard
Alex    Howard
Alysha  Jaballa
Austin  Jackson
David   Jasinski
Lindsey Jeo
Derek   Jeter
Jaime   Johnson
Devin   Johnson
Jaelyn  Johnson
Jaelyn  Johnson
Jasmine Johnson
Seth    Johnston
Kailey  Kelly
Alec    Kelly
Bill    Kemsley
Lucy    Keyworth
Alexis  Kirby
Taylor  Klekamp
Brandon Klinger
Summer  Knight
Lauren  Knipe
Brennan Kuhn
Joe     Kuntz
Anabell Ladd
Laura   Laine
Jaime   Lanagan
Austin  Laudenslager
Fatima  Leach
Morgan  Leeper
Abigail Long
Matthew Lord
Alyssa  Lowe
Amber   Lowman
Rocio   Loya
Kasey   Ludwig
Robert  Mack
Kelley  Martin
Diamond Martin
Wyatt   McDevitt
Ben     McGraw
Kaylie  Meadows
Theresa Mendoza
Savannah Mercado
Sonia   Meza
Caleb   Milteer
Jacob   Minnis
Chandler        Miracle
Francisco       Miranda
Bishop  Mitchell
Nakeysa Moncier
Kaitlyn Muff
Annie   Nicklas
Kaylee  Norsworthy
Naomi   Ojuku
Yesina  Olivia
Robert          Olsen
Chinelo Onubogu
Maria   Orozco
Laurence        Pajela
Sarah   Palmer
Yomali  Patino
Ashley  Pease
Elizabeth       Pena
Maria   Pena
Jacqueline  Perez-Gomez
Isabel  Perry
Abigail Peterson
Jose    Pineda
Vanessa Portillo
Kristen Prather
Drake   Preston
Bradly  Ralph
Conrad  Ramquist
Brandon Ramsey
Kelly   Ray
James   Ray
Jasmynn Reber
Hannah  Reed
Eniqueo Reese
Lauren  Reimer
Cameron Renfro
Jaclyn  Reyes
Courtney        Reynolds
Michael Ricchi
Kayla   Rivero
Caitlin Roberts
Eric    Rodriguez
Alexander Rusli
Bria    Russell
Amanda  Sadler
Maria   Salinas
Diana   Santos
Amber   Sasano
David   Saul
Erica   Schumann
Cale    Sears
Mary    Shaffer
Shane   Sharkey
Ashton  Shawver
Mary    Slater
Abby    Smith
Michael Spain
Christopher Spear
Josh    Spengler
Kalli   Spurgin
Brianne Squires
Dominic Stanko
Garrett Steck
Trevor  Steele
Syrenah Stein
Matthew Stein
Jessica Steinman
Rajiv   Suresh
Jennifer        Surovik
Hayden  Taylor
Andrew  Taylor
Kelsey  Terrill
Rachel  Thomas
Hannah  Thorp
Brent   Tolbert
Abreyon Toomes
Kaitlyn Townsend
Kristen Troy
Nick    Vandenbush
Francisco       Vargas
Ana     Viramontes
Amandeep Walia
Kenbea  Walker
Jenna   Walton
Tyler   Webb
Zachary Werner
William Wetterman
Alyssa  White
Connor  Willcox
Olivia  Willingham
Kendrick        Woods
Rebecca Wu
Kylee   Yeatman
Samuel  Young
Jordan  Young
Collin  Zabasky
Marc    Zack
Kyle    Zimmerman

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