Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Meet SSG Lavaux

By Christine Hockin-Boyd, Community Lifeline Center

[Community Lifeline Center is highlighting its veterans programs throughout the month of May. This is the third installment in the series and focuses on how CLC serves our local veterans in need]

SSG Lavaux came to Community Lifeline Center for help recently. He’s agreed to sharing his story as a means of helping other veterans in need,  and as a thank you to those who serve them.

SSG Lavaux recently concluded a 20-year career in the US Army Reserve. All those years of military service gave him a vast array of skills, but didn’t prepare him for the unexpected turns civilian life can take. An unexpected job loss forced him to look for help and support.

The good news?

He found Community Lifeline Center and the services made available through a grant from Texas Veterans Commission. These funds provided immediate support for SSG Lavaux in areas where he most needed the help. Indeed, his situation mirrors that of so many veterans who come to Community Lifeline Center seeking help. The help they most often need and get.

Nearly half of the financial support given to these veterans is in housing assistance, followed by medical, dental, utilities, counseling, legal, and transportation. Does this sound like a lot for veterans to ask for:  a roof over their head, decent dental care, lights and heat and mobility? A few necessities while they try to get their civilian lives in order.

Community Lifeline Center is proud to be of service, and humbled by the Texas Veterans Commission grant that enables that mission. But, CLC is just a part of a team of providers assisting veterans like SSG Lavaux. His story illustrates how vital collaboration and partnerships among service organizations are. 

The really good news?

As of this writing SSG Lavaux has been hired by the Texas Veterans Commission to serve as employment representative at the Workforce in Weatherford.

Your support of Community Lifeline Center helps create happy endings for a lot of difficult life stories. When we put a face on crisis, we realize how familiar it can look.


The Community Lifeline Center strengthens communities in North Collin County by guiding residents in crisis back to self-sufficiency and independence.

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