Wednesday , 20 June 2018

McKinney’s Best Kept Secrets

You know what they say about secrets…

Secrets travel faster in Paris.  – Napoleon Bonaparte 

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.  – Benjamin Franklin

You know what I say about secrets?  It’s more fun to share when it’s all good news and thus I’ve found some of the best kept secrets in McKinney and couldn’t wait to spill the beans.  But keep it on the down low, ok?

Let’s start with The Guitar Sanctuary tucked away in Adriatica.  This deceptively large guitar resting place is music to your ears if you’re a lover of the 6 string.  You literally can hear the angels singing, errrr, strumming their praises as you walk through the doors.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out their facebook page for evidence:

On to the food we go…  In fact there are many wonderful places to grab a bite, or even for date night all over McKinney but I want to talk only about the places you stumble in to and are more than pleasantly surprised with their offerings.  For starters, Pride Burger is a gem.  Not only do they deliver their scrumptious fare, they also serve it up all sorts of old school diner style.  Located off University and Church St., you won’t be disappointed, except that you cheated on your diet and that’s a secret I don’t want to know about.

For another quick bite, I like to pop in to Gyros Cheesesteak at 1920 W. Eldorado (Genghis Grill strip) for an ooey gooey philly  cheesesteak.  Look close because it’s small and you might miss it if you blink, but once you order the original w/ extra cheese (that’s a must) and tell ’em to make it juicy/drippy you’ll have every excuse to hit the gym a lil harder from here on out.  But don’t blame me. It ain’t Geno’s in Philly, but it’s as close as you’ll get in MacTown.

On a finer note, let’s talk Gregory’s Bistro on the North Side of the Square, formerly Cafe Malaga.  It’s cozy and exotic and the steamed mussels are to die for!!!!  This tiny little joint makes me salivate just thinking about date night because it’s walking distance from my house and it’s by far the most intimate eatery in town.  It’s BYOB so stop by the McKinney Wine Market across the street and grab a bottle of the week’s Top Ten on display and saunter on over to Gregory’s for a meal you’ll be talking about for days.  But remember, only tell the ones you wouldn’t mind running in to there, because it’s just that quaint.

Since we’re Downtown let’s head over to Fringe, The Event located across from the Old Red Lumber Yard and the Flour Mill.  Once a month, Fringe comes out and shows you what you’ve been missing and trust me, you never leave empty handed.  They go beyond Shabby Chic with their one of a kind furnishings and knick knacks to stone mermaid fountains that will leave your neighbors longing to know where you shop.  But alas, you must know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.  Did I just quote Kenny Rogers?  Let’s keep that between you, me and lamp post, okay?  Check Fringe out online at

Now let’s head outside and play in two of the best trails around. Namely, Erwin Park located at 4300 CR 1006, on the North Side of McKinney. The 8.1 hike and bike trail is an absolute break from the every day. With a few Mountain bike ramps scattered throughout the park, it’s a nice cardio workout while you’re there. Erwin Park is never crowded plus there are several open fields perfect for kite flying and picnics as well as family reunions or just good old camp fires. It’s a secret because it’s tucked away on the far corner of McKinney, and it’s great place to get back to nature.

My second secret trail may or may not have a name, all I know is it’s hidden behind the recreation center located along the access road at Valley Creek and 75. When I’m trying to get in shape, and I’m always trying, I like to challenge myself to get through the trail at a steady jog without stopping. Not there yet, but who’s judging? I like this trail because it’s private and no one is laughing while I run, trip, gasp for air and cry like the out of shape momma that I am while I make my way down the path. My secret is safe with you, right?

Another outdoors secret that is actually a collection of treasures is the 100’s of geocaches hidden all over McKinney. From a spooky rat in Pecan Grove Cementery to military ammo boxes hidden in tree trunks and near train tracks to pill bottles secured in trees, geocaches are mysteriously concealed all over McKinney. I encourage you to dig a little and find a few on your own, just beware of the Muggles.

Lastly, my newest best kept secret is the rooftop patio at the corner of Tennessee and Louisiana.  It’s available for private events and it’s fabulous…  Lights all around, overlooking the Historic Square and it’s perfect for intimate gatherings of your favorite peeps.  But shhhh…  don’t tell where you heard about this gem.

So there you have it, a plethera of enigmas that are worth taking a peek, as long as you can keep it between friends. If you have a few secrets you’d like to share, bring them to the masses at but let’s keep it to best kept McKinney secrets and not your personal confessions. And for Real Estate Secrets, like how to save thousands on your next home, or how to find the best Realtor, visit Until next time… I’ll leave you with:

The secret of being a bore… is to tell everything. – Voltaire

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