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McKinney Remembers Those who Perished on 9/11

On Sunday, September 11, beginning at 7:46 a.m., voices will resound across the open space of  the Veterans Memorial Park in Craig Ranch, 6053 Weiskopf Ave., as more than one hundred thirty volunteers will read the names of the nearly 3,000 individuals who perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, beginning the first segment of the ceremony to remember those who died in the attacks that day.

 The readings will begin at 7:46 a.m. to coincide with the time the first World Trade Center tower was attacked. As each name is read, members of the McKinney High School Criminal Justice Club will place a flag in the ground in that person’s honor.

“This new element of the ceremony will help us all remember and understand the significant losses suffered on this day. The visual impact of almost 3,000 flags – one to represent each person lost – will help illustrate the numbers more clearly,” said Assistant Fire Chief Frank Roma. We have had a wonderful turnout from the community with over 130 volunteering to be readers.”

Roma said that he received some very moving comments from some of the memebers of the community who volunteered to read the names of those who died that fateful day. Here is a sample of some of those comments:

-I lost 11 friends from High School and a second cousin that day. Some I lost touch with, these 3 I’ll never forget. We were real close. Thank you very much. Those names are:

  • Capt Michael Esposito NYFD
  • Capt William McGinn. NYFD
  • T.J. Hargrave

-We are moving to McKinney in a week and would really love to be involved in the 9/11 remembrance.  Please feel free to contact me at this email address.

-I would like to express my interest as well as my dad’s, Curtis Boatright, in participating at the Memorial Ceremony on September 11th. We would both be greatly honored to volunteer in any capacity needed. We lost my cousin, Sgt. Michael Luke Boatright, in Afghanistan on December 4, 2004. Our family holds all of our soldiers as well as those who lost their life on that day in a special place in our hearts. We would love the opportunity to honor them as they so deserve.

-I would like to volunteer to participate in the reading of the names of those killed in the 9/11 attack.  My brother Edward Keane was in the North Tower when it collapsed, and was killed – his remains were never recovered.

-I have a request for the names that we would like to read. We became very involved in the story of UA flight #93, watched many documentaries on 9/11, bought “Let’s Roll” by Lisa Beamer. And I purchased a silver memory band for Thomas E. Burnett III.  Both of these men were HEROES on Flight 93 and we would be honored to read their names. So could we please read the names of Todd Beamer & Thomas E. Burnett III

-We would be honored to read the names of victims. I worked for American Express corp services for 13 years and volunteered at ground zero for 10 days in october. American Express lost associates that were working in the towers as on site travel agents for clients. I would like to read these names if volunteers are still needed.

-I would like to volunteer to read names at the 9/11 Ceremony. If you don’t have enough responses from employees to read names of American and United Airlines employees, as a Southwest Airlines employee I would be more than happy to read their names. Thank you everything you do for our community!

-I would be more than honored to read some of the names of the 9/11 victims. I am from NJ, have been in the Trade Centers many times, my husband and brother-in-law commuted to NYC every day, but were not there that day. Also, I wold be so honored to read the name of a teacher I knew from my High School – Susan Murray, who perished in the buildings.

-I saw the attacks in NYC first hand from a mile away in Passaic, N.J. – – it changed me as a person and as an American……I would be honored to volunteer (to read names at the 9/11 ceremony).

Upon conclusion of the name reading, guests are invited to return at 1 p.m. for the start of the official ceremony. Speakers include Police Chief Doug Kowalski, Fire Chief Danny Kistner, Mayor Brian Loughmiller and U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson. The key note speaker will be Corporal Thomas Macri of the McKinney PD. Corporal Macri is a former member of the NYPD and was on duty in New York during the 9-11 attacks. The ceremony also includes a flyover and performances by a choir and orchestra.

An artifact from the Ground Zero site now resides in McKinney and will bring a part of New York to the ceremony. A piece structural steel that is stressed and battered from the destruction of one of the World Trade Center towers will be on display at the event. Once the commemorative ceremony concludes, the artifact will be moved back to its permanent location in the McKinney Fire Department Museum located in Fire Station No. 1 at 301 N. McDonald St. in McKinney.

“As we remember the events that took place ten years ago, we have a duty to those who lost their lives that day, and those who continue to fight and sacrifice for our freedom and security, to never forget. McKinney is a community that will never forget,” said Roma.

The schedule for the ceremony on Sunday, September 11 at 1 p.m. is:

10th Commemoration of Sept. 11, 2001: Honoring Fire Personnel, Police Officers, Military Personnel and American Citizens who died in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania


  McKinney High School Honors Band

  Rickey Hargrave

Presentation of Colors
  McKinney Police/Fire Honor Guard

National Anthem
  Detective Jimmy Thomas, McKinney Police Department

   Police Chief Doug Kowalski
   McKinney Police Department

  Fire Chief Danny Kistner
  McKinney Fire Department

  Mayor Brian Loughmiller
  City of McKinney

  Congressman Sam Johnson
  United States Congress

  Corporal Thomas Macri
  McKinney Police Department, Retired NYPD

Community Ensemble
  Trilogy of Songs

Moment of Silence

21 Gun Salute
  McKinney Police Department

 Jeff Jones, Bugles Across America and Matthew Herron, Boy Scouts Troop 296

Flag Fold/Amazing Grace
  McKinney Police/Fire Honor Guard and McKinney Pipes and Drums

  PHI Air Medical

“God Bless the USA”
Firefighter/Paramedic Ronnie Taylor, McKinney Fire Department

  Rickey Hargrave

  McKinney Pipes and Drums/All uniformed and ceremony personnel
  McKinney High School Honors Band

FLAG GARDEN: At the conclusion of today’s ceremony, the public is invited to take the flags as a momento.

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