Monday , 23 April 2018
Jane - Collin

McKinney Realtor Jane Clark introduces Collin Kokalis-Sims

Jane - Collin
Collin Kokalis-Sims

Let me take a moment to introduce the incredible young man we are sponsoring at the Night of Superstars to the incredible people in the City of McKinney. McKinney meet Collin Kokalis Sims

Before Collin was even born he was diagnosed with Stickler’s Syndrome and Pierre Robbins Syndrome. After birth he was taken to surgery where he had a trach and g-tube placed and his jaw was retracted. At 9 weeks his prognosis was very poor but ended up proving everyone wrong! At 19 months he started to walk and at 21 had his
trach removed.
collin-jane1During his first year, he underwent several surgeries to close a cleft palate and construct a tongue and throat. He has also had numerous eye and ear surgeries to preserve his failing eyesight and hearing, along with having to wear ankle braces for support. At 22 months, his foster parent adopted him, then at age 4 was diagnosed with JLL  (Juvenile Leukocytic Leukemia) and Aplastic Anemia. He was successfully treated for JLL and continues to be treated today for Aplastic Anemia. He later developed undiagnosed internal bleeding and was in and out of the hospital over the next few years with bleeding issues. In 2009, Collin developed severe bleeding, which left him in a coma and had to undergo intense therapy to regain speech and physical skills lost by brain damage. Over the years, Collin developed a passion for motorcycles and watched the edited versions of “The Sons of Anarchy”, remembering all the details and characters of the show. In the summer of 2010, Collin attended an event and got to meet the most of the cast. He was instantly a hit with them and they all became fast friends. A month later he was a guest on the set and was made a prospect and honorary member of the cast, given the handle “Vitamin C”!
Since that time, Collin’s health improved tremendously. Unfortunately, his hearing and vision continues to get worse with several surgeries still in his immediate future. Meanwhile, Collin participates in many charity functions and events with the SOA Cast and on his own. Below is a list of just some of the things Collin does:

  • Poster child for Garland’s Abilities Program
  • Church Youth Group – Greeter
  • Food distribution for local food banks
  • Boot Ride & Boot Campaign helping military families – participates with cast of SOA
  • Toys for Tots Motorcycle Ride and toy drive in McKinney, TX – helping register riders and collect toys
  • Shaves head yearly for St. Baldrick’s Pediatric Cancer Foundation
  • P.L.A.T.E.S. Baseball Toy Drive – Annual Christmas Celebrity Baseball Game with SOA cast and other celebrities to collect toys for children’s hospitals
  • Staten Island Strong Foundation – helps raise funds and promotes the rebuilding of Staten Island with cast of SOA
  • Helps promote and raise funds for Buddy League, a special needs baseball organization
  • Participates in the March of Dimes Walk

From Collins teacher: Collin also plays on the Buddy League Baseball team but dreams of becoming an actor! He also participated in his first 5K back in May! His favorite subjects are science, history, and geography and holds the class record of completing the U.S. map in the ipad at level 2 in 2 minutes and 24 seconds! He is extremely sociable and will always walk up to anyone and introduce himself. Next year, when Collin is in 8th grade, he has already received the honor of “Class Leader”, in charge of serving snacks, clean ups, lining up and maintaining the in hallways and the cafeteria.

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