Thursday , 22 March 2018

McKinney Police Investigating Groping Incident at Wal-Mart

policecarThe McKinney Police Department confirmed to that it is investigating an inappropriate contact incident that took place on Saturday afternoon at Wal-Mart on Redbud Trail and Highway 380.

The victim in the alleged incident contacted TSB to share details of the incident, citing the public’s need to know this took place in a public shopping venue and to share her experience.

The 27-year-old woman from Anna told TSB that an unidentified male groped her buttocks as she walked through the Wal-Mart store on Saturday afternoon. The woman says that the incident took place between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

The woman, whom TSB is not identifying due to the ongoing investigation and our policy not to name victims of certain types of crime, said she was walking between the school supplies aisle and the seasonal items aisle, trying to locate a particular item. She says she noticed an African-American male, whose age she estimated to be between 14-18, seemed to be following her as she walked back and forth between the two aisles.

She says the male then walked past her and put his hand onto her buttocks, on the outside of her yoga pants. She says she was shocked and turned around and said “hey” to the male, who then turned and ran. The woman says that she and another female customer chased the male through the store, yelling that someone should stop him.

The woman says that there were not any store employees nearby and the male escaped out the front doors of the store and ran out through the parking lot.

The woman says the male looked like a full-grown man from behind but appeared to be between 14-18, mostly likely around 15. She said he was wearing an army-green shirt with a pattern on the front and khaki shorts. She estimated his height to be at least 5 feet 11 inches.

Despite being “shaken up” and very upset after the incident, she said she found the store’s manager and asked for the manager to contact the police. She said that the manager did not contact the police but did give her the number so she could contact the police directly.

After she did so, the manager told her to wait on a bench in the front of the store for the police to arrive, she said. “They could have done more to make me feel safe,” she told TSB. “They could have taken me back into the loss prevention room or something. I was just sitting there on that bench, crying and waiting for my father to get there.”

She said the police arrived at the store an estimated 10-15 minutes later. She said she gave the police the details of the incident and that the store provided the police with security camera video and still pictures of the male exiting the store.

MPD told TSB that it has assigned the case to an investigator and will release further information as it becomes available.

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