Thursday , 24 May 2018

McKinney North HS

McKinney North HS
contributed by trw1624

McKinney North HS

Coach Fecci at Mckinney North has alot of fishy, political changes going on..How can you explain to me how you move your best quarterback to safety? You know how….you take his position away and give to your 3rd string from last year who he clearly beat out last year and was not given the chance to win his position this year….We are finding out just how racial and horrible these people are at North and its not good….Some things are going to get stirred up and it wont look good for them…..This is whats BEST for the team is what the coaches excuse is….does this make any sense to anyone else? The booster club runs the football program and you got racial people running the booster club, so make sense of that, what year are we in??? The coach will listen to and do what others tell him in any means possible with no regards to these kids life, their futures, families, and their self-esteems and you wonder why klds are disturbed as they are now days. They don’t care about your children or their well beings, the don’t care what happens to them afterwards….All these kids want to do is have an opportunity to win football games and they know that the best people are not on the field and how unfair it is for the Seniors, for the ones trying to go to college on schlorships, and for the most important the town of McKinney, who is suppose to be the best place to live….

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