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McKinney Firehouse Recipes: Part 4 Features Keri Grant of Fire Station #7

By Kyra Effren, TSB Food Writer

Baked casserole of crabmeat, scallops and  shrimp bathed in a cream sauce – perked up with spices, wrapped in tortilla,  sprinkled with cheese, and served with sliced avocadoes, chopped fresh cilantro and black olives……….

Are we scanning the menu at one of McKinney’s fine restaurants?  No – this is the masterpiece that was enjoyed by the crew of McKinney Fire Station #7 the day we visited.

Seafood Enchiladas are usually reserved for special occasions since seafood is so expensive.  But there are no restrictions when the Firehouse Recipe Wars are in play!

Like some of the other stations, the crew has planted a vegetable garden. Thus they enjoy the advantage and taste of fresh picked squash, greens and tomatoes, etc.  

Keri Grant is one of several chefs for this station and is as well schooled in the craft of cooking as she is at fighting fires and saving lives. Her Casserole was superb.

Married to a fireman, Keri is the very proud mother of a 2-year-old who just celebrated his birthday. You can tell Keri loves to bake just by looking at the cake she made for her special boy’s celebration.

Keri teaches classes [including cooking] at the McKinney Fire Academy and is also a member – with her dog Tucker – of the Texas Task Force 2 rescue team that is called out to disasters.

Keri has taken multitasking to a new dimension!

She has fulfilled her dream of being able to help people when they need it most – but if she ever decides she wants to be a chef, I suspect there will be more than one restaurant standing in line!

So break out your tortillas McKinney.  It’s time to get a load of Keri’s Seafood Enchiladas.

Seafood Enchiladas

1 chopped onion
1 7oz can of diced green chilies 
1 tablespoon butter
½ pound fresh Crabmeat
½ pound peeled, deveined and coarsely chopped medium-sized Shrimp
½ Bay Scallops
8 ounces shredded Colby cheese
8 ounces of cheddar cheese
½ teaspoon Cumin
6 (10 inch) flour tortillas
1 cup half-and-half
½ cup sour cream
¼ cup melted butter
1 ½ teaspoons fresh or dried parsley
½ teaspoon garlic salt
1 ½ teaspoons dried oregano

Preheat oven to 350.
Sauté onions and chilies in butter until transparent.  If using raw shrimp and scallops, sauté for about 5 minutes on medium in butter until transparent, careful not to overcook. 
Remove from heat and combine onions/chilies and crabmeat, scallops and shrimp. 
Add 8 oz of cheese mixture, and stir until cheese melted. 
Place large spoonful of mixture into each tortilla, roll them up and arrange in 9X13 baking dish seam side down. 
In a saucepan over medium-low heat, combine half-and-half, sour cream, ¼ melted butter, parsley, oregano and garlic salt. 
Stir until the mixture is just lukewarm and blended. 
Pour sauce over the filled, rolled tortillas, and sprinkle with remaining cheese. 
Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes. 
Add sliced black olives, sliced avocados, chopped fresh cilantro as garnish and serve immediately.  

Yields 6 to 8 servings.

**Fresh seafood is always preferred but must be prepared carefully.  Frozen shrimp and scallops are much more economical and quicker to prepare**

About The McKinney Fire Department
The McKinney Fire Department is made up of 164 total personnel.  While 20 employees work in various capacities on staff, the majority of MFD personnel are professional firefighters, assigned to emergency response duties.  Each of the 144 firefighters is trained as emergency medical responders as well, with most being certified paramedics.  The MFD consists of eight fire stations covering the 62.9 square miles in the city, as well as the designated extraterritorial jurisdiction.  McKinney firefighters responded to a total of 9,794 calls in 2011.

Firefighters in McKinney work a schedule of 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty.  During the 24 hours on duty, the crews respond to emergency calls, attend mandatory training, and provide public education activities such as station tours and community training.  In addition to these duties, they operate their “household” by performing day-to-day routines, including grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

About the Author
McKinney resident Kyra Effren is a contributing writer for TownSquareBuzz.com’s “Food” section.  She is a retired food stylist and contributing writer for the “Food” section of Dallas Morning News. In 1975, Effren opened Cours de Cuisine Cooking School in Dallas and in 1978, she was awarded The Commanderie des Cordon Bleu in France for her contributions to French cooking.   She has edited multiple cookbooks and served as recipe tester for a number of cookbooks including both of the Mansion on Turtle Creek cookbooks by Dean Fearing and baking books by Nick Malgieri.

Kyra welcomes any and all reader comments and suggestions.  What would you like to have for dinner?

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