Monday , 28 May 2018

McKinney Fire Department Promotes Burn Awareness

The McKinney Fire Department is joining fire departments across the country in promoting burn awareness through the National Burn Awareness Week campaign.

The McKinney Fire Department reminds citizens to be burn aware with the following story:

On April 30, 2010,  a 9-month old infant was accidentally burned when she grabbed the hot water faucet, turning on scalding water. The infant was transported by Careflight from her home in McKinney to Parkland Burn Center. Happily, she made a complete recovery. Many times, though, these injuries are devastating to the child and the family.

Each year, in an effort to educate the public and prevent injuries like the one mentioned, Shriners Hospitals for Children sponsors National Burn Awareness Week. This year’s focus is on teaching children and their caretakers to “Be Burn Aware,” especially at home.

One of the greatest burn dangers in the home is injury by scalding. Scald burns are typically related to ordinary activities – bathing, cooking and eating – and often happen to children because of a lapse in adult supervision or a lack of protective measures. Youngsters may not understand the dangers of hot liquids (especially water) and foods. In addition, young children have thinner skin that burns more quickly than adults.

“The good news is that most of these injuries are preventable. By following a few simple safety tips you may prevent a similar tragedy in your home,” stated Stacie Durham, Public Information Officer for the McKinney Fire Department.

• Keep children at least 3 feet from hot appliances, pots, pans or food. Never hold a child when cooking.
• Use spill-resistant mugs when drinking hot liquids around children.
• Avoid using tablecloths or anything a child can pull on and cause hot food to spill. Always tuck cords from appliances where children cannot see or reach them.
• When cooking, use back burners and keep pot handles turned towards the back of the stove.
• Test and stir all food before serving children to make sure it is cool enough to eat.
• Always test the bath water temperature by moving your hand back and forth through the water before placing the child into the tub. If it is hot to your touch, it will be even more dangerous to infants and young children. When children are in or near the bath, watch them closely checking the water temperature frequently.
• The maximum recommended residential water temperature is 120˚F (48˚C). The recommended safe and comfortable temperature for bathing a young child is no more than 100˚F. Install heat-sensitive anti-scald devices to stop the flow of water when the temperature reaches a pre-set temperature to prevent water that is too hot from coming out of the tap.
• Supervise children closely when they are in or near the kitchen or bathroom.

The McKinney Fire Department is committed to keeping our community safe from preventable injuries. For information on fire and burn safety, or on educational programs for your family, school, church, or other organization visit or call 972-547-2893.

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