Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Matt Shaheen: Texas House Bill 2 Makes Women Safer, Saves Lives

matt shaheenOne of the highlights of the 83rd Texas Legislature is House Bill 2, which is the omnibus Pro-Life Bill that ensures abortion providers perform procedures in a safe environment adhering to the same medical standards required of other healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the bill no longer allows preborn baby Texans to be killed after 20 weeks in the womb since this is the time when a child begins to feel pain. I’m grateful to State Representative Jodie Laubenberg, author of the bill, and to many other Collin County legislators who co-authored the bill for their leadership to protect life here in Texas.

The question for Texas now is, what’s next? More babies will be born in our great state, but many will be born to single mothers. According to the Heartland Institute, one-half of the children born out of wedlock will live in poverty.  By comparison, a child who has a mom and a dad is only seven percent likely to live in poverty. As a side note, this is why it’s vitally important that we always uphold the traditional family and recognize that children need both a mom and a dad. But in the case of single mothers, both the family and the community need to step in to support the mother and child.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for the church.

Christ was clear that people witness God’s love by looking at how Christians treat those around them. He specifically said in the book of John, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” In the book of Matthew, Jesus goes as far as to tell us we will be judged by how we treat the poor. County Judge Keith Self, Representative Jodie Laubenberg and I will be meeting with pastors from the Collin Baptist Association to take on the issue of how to better serve single mothers and their babies. The different ways to serve these mothers include a welcoming church environment for single mothers, fellowship with other single mothers within the church, offer help in daily activities such as cleaning, cooking and babysitting, parenting and financial skills development and encouraging adoption with the appropriate counseling and guidance for those who feel led to choose this option. Being a single mother is one of the hardest jobs in America and these women should not have to do it alone.


This article is the opinion of the author

Texas House Bill 2 is a blessing because it makes women safer and it saves the lives of many babies, but quite frankly, I’m just as excited about the opportunity for God’s people to shine.  I have no doubt that God’s community in Collin County will step up and show His love and minister to single mothers. Collin County citizens have a history of lifting up those in need, whether it’s our many non-profit organizations, the more than 100 doctors and 9 hospitals who provide free healthcare to the needy through Project Access or our fellow neighbors who recognize a friend in need.

Texas is an example to the rest of the nation of how low taxes and limited government help unleash the power of the free market to enable business to create job opportunities. Now we are positioned to show the nation how to help single mothers and their little babies.

Matt Shaheen serves as Collin County Commissioner for Precinct 1, representing West Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Celina and Northwest McKinney on the Commissioners Court. 

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