Saturday , 23 June 2018

Local Financial Expert Releases Book Focusing on Strategies to Manage Wealth in Retirement

Erin Botsford, a renowned financial expert, McKinney resident and founder/CEO of the Frisco-based financial services firm, The Botsford Group, knows firsthand that a lack of money often means a lack of choices. Growing up in a large family and raised by a single mother, Erin overcame poverty and a life-changing tragedy that made her realize the hard way that money buys a person choices.

Resolving to learn everything she could about money and financial planning, Erin turned her circumstances around to become one of the top financial planners in the country. In her recent book, The Big Retirement Risk: Running Out of Money Before You Run Out of Time, just released in January 2012, Erin teaches others how to protect what remains of the money they’ve saved to last them through the latter part of their lives.

With the philosophy that money allows choices, she shows readers how to become informed, wise investors – avoiding common pitfalls, challenging the status quo and refusing to take advice blindly. While most books focus on accumulation, debt reduction and budgeting issues, The Big Retirement Risk uniquely provides a look at 21st century investing, risk management and retirement.

Erin focuses on cash flow as the primary way to create and maintain one’s preferred lifestyle, challenges traditional investment advice and offers information about non-traditional investments as possible sources of income and cash flow, offers asset protection strategies including risk management planning for lawsuits and preparing for unexpected crisis, and gives a “product agnostic” view so that readers can get a complete picture of everything that is available for their retirement planning needs.

Readers are encouraged to adopt a new philosophy about their finances and retirement planning in order to protect hard-earned money. With decades of experience as a financial consultant, Erin shows readers how to identify their preferred lifestyle and sustain it throughout retirement.

Erin Botsford’s resulting business success has been recognized by publications such as Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Success, and Investment News, and she has been featured on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Television.

For more information on Erin and her book, visit The Botsford Group’s website at or

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