Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Letter to the Editor: Why I Quit

I recently resigned as a McKinney precinct chair in the Collin County Democratic Party. I did so on a matter of principle. The Chair of the Party’s Communication , Diane Trieder, posted a note on one of the Party’s two social media pages, supporting the protests in McKinney, following the posting of the viral video from the McKinney pool incident. You remember that video, it’s the one that put a black eye and international spot light on McKinney, but that’s not why I called it quits.

The posting that was made by the Chair of the Collin County Democrat’s Communications Committee, was one that supported a protest event, organized and sponsored by sponsored by a well known Dallas area community activist, Olinka Green, an individual who has known ties to the political extremist hate group- the New Back Panther Party. Even though I protested the linking of my Party, the Collin County Democratic Party of Collin County, with this known hate group sympathizer and activist, my pleas to the Chair of the Democratic Party of Collin County, Mike Rawlins, to have the posting removed off of Facebook, fell on deaf ears. The Chair of the Collin County Democratic Party told me, he would enter a posting comment disavowing the Party’s support of Olinka Green’s sponsorship of the McKinney protests, but would leave the posting up on social media. His decision, gave tacit approval to the link and support of Ms. Green, despite a statement buried 30 comments into the posting.

I cannot and will not support a political party that has members in key leadership roles that support links of any type to known hate group sympathizers, therefore I quit as a precinct chair in the Collin County Democratic Party.

Chairman Mike Rawlins has, in my mind, brought reproach upon the Collin County Democratic Party by allowing and supporting the Communications Chair’s posting of a protest notice by a known hate group organizer, sympathizer and supporter. Democrats everywhere should be outraged. Chairman Rawlins should resign as Chair of the Democratic Party of Collin County and the county executive committee should either reprimand the Communications Chair or remove her from her post.
I realize neither of these actions will probably occur, but as a life-long Democrat and one who supports core Democratic Party principles, I had to draw the line, when the local political party I support links itself with a known hate group sympathizer, organizer and supporter. This is not what I think the Democratic Party should stand for and certainly, not in McKinney.

I sincerely hope my fellow Democrats will think twice about supporting Chairman Rawlins and his support of fellow Democrats who think it is perfectly OK to post links on social media to protest events made by hate group sympathizers.

Submitted by Steven Spainhouer
Former Precinct Chair, 122 (McKinney)
Collin County Democratic party
Democratic Party Activist

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