Saturday , 23 June 2018

Letter To Editor: Vote Kever

Recently there was a letter published by a former mayor that praised a canidate, running for Place 2 against Geralyn Kever, for her past efforts to re-do the old courthouse on the Square into MPAC, McKinney Performing Arts Center.

I am very familar with that project and have opposed it from the beginning. The cost to rehabilitate the old vacant structure was $9.5 million dollars of taxpayer money which was paid by the McKinney Community Development Corporation, MCDC, out of money it received from its share of sale tax . At the time the project was concieved it was advertised to operate on a break even basis. In other words it would not cost any more to operate than what it would take in fees. From its inception it has run a deficit of at least $500,000 every year. I can estimate that the total cost to taxpayers now is more than $14,000,000 including the original $9.5 million. This entire amount is taxpayers money.

It is my feeling that anyone who wants to un-seat Ms.Kever and runs on this kind of record is not someone who we would want voting on spending city money.

At this time with the City of McKinney having to curtail its budget we need people on the council that would spend our money wisely.

If you have not voted early, please go to the polls on Saturday and vote for Geralyn Kever.

David Melton

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