Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Letter to Editor: TRE will send Message About Education

opinionOf course I do not want my taxes to go up unnecessarily. Nor do I want my property value to decrease. If the TRE is voted down this message will be sent loud and clear: Education is not a priority in McKinney, Texas.

And if education is not a priority to a community, fewer people will want to live, work, and relocate their businesses here. Property values decrease, and the MISD will a competitive edge that is needed to recruit and retain excellent classroom teachers and administrators.

The message of “no more taxes” to those that need to hear it — our elected officials in Austin — the ones responsible for cutting funding to local school districts. These funds have to be made up somehow. Contrary to what the opposition says, administration has been cut close to the bone. The salaries are not exorbitant. They are competitive. Have you looked for yourself? I want the very best in my school district. Do you?

You may not like the way the school administration has handled the money in all cases, but the fact of the matter is MISD has one many unsolicited awards for its transparency and financial prudence. We elect the school board members who oversee the finances of MISD.

If you are angry: I urge you to place your anger where it belongs: AT THE STATE LEVEL WHERE OUR REPRESNETATIVES HAVE VOTED TO CUT FUNDING TO THE LOCAL LEVEL. They are the ones who have put us in this situation.

I am angry, too. I am angry that the public school system that has served my children and me well is in serious jeopardy.


Sherry Tucker

McKinney Texas

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