Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Letter to Editor: Reasons to Reject TRE, From an `Overtaxed’ Citizen

opinionMISD has called a special “irreversible” tax rate election on Saturday to increase YOUR rate 12.5% (avg home $300) to get an additional $1.7M from the state…also YOUR tax dollars, which will be one of the HIGHEST in the state.  Before casting your ballot, there are several facts you may want to consider:
*MISD already has a debt load of $447.5M PLUS interest ($641,950.457.00) supported by property taxes.  Assessed value of your home is predicted to increase over the next 3 years – another rate increase for MISD.  A TRIPLE TAX HIT!
*The Education Lobby has siphoned millions of dollars from our transportation/highway funds, leaving us with inferior roads OR toll roads!  How much is enough??
*MISD has 1 administrator (avg salary $90,000) for every 1.8 teachers (avg salary $49,000). CUT ADMINISTRATORS – RAISE TEACHER PAY with NO tax increase!
*MISD spends TWICE as much on transportation as Frisco – WHY??
*MISD school taxes would be much higher than Plano/Frisco… can they do so much more with THEIR money, while MISD enrollment is decreasing?
*How much has MISD wasted on controversial indoctrinating curriculum?
*Sr. Citizens WILL be affected if they move OR renovate their homes.  Higher tax rates are BAD for residents, BAD for business, BAD for McKinney.  More money does NOT = Better Education.  If it did, ALL of our students would be graduating with honors!
*MISD needs to eliminate unnecessary convention junkets & seminars, expensive fairs (like the one planned on election day to bring in parents to vote), & HIGH dollar consultants instead of picking taxpayers pockets.
*MISD DOES NOT have a revenue problem, they have a MANAGEMENT PROBLEM.  Thanks to ineffective planning/zoning, McKinney does not have the business base to sustain this higher budget & debt.  Protect the financial integrity of our school district from free spending bureaucrats who never saw someone else’s dollar that they didn’t want!
Please check out for more details. In this economy, our financial viability is at risk.
If you are concerned about our debt & tax rate hike, please pass this along to other McKinney residents. Thank you!
Nancy & Carroll Lochridge
MISD “Over taxed” residents

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