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Letter to Editor: Keep Wolford Zoned to McKinney Boyd

I am a parent of a student that is being affected by the proposed high school rezoning. My son, Gregg, 14, is currently enrolled at Evans middle school (8th Grade). He and his friends have been together for his entire school career beginning at Wolford Elementary. The proposed rezoning concerns me due to the following:mckinney boyd high school
1) My son, who is in band, has spent his entire middle school career with activities based on the idea that he was going to Boyd. He has already met the band director and has played with the Boyd marching band and has become comfortable with the idea of going to Boyd. Now, all of a sudden, two months before he registers for high school, this already stressful event becomes even more so due to having to go to a school he has no report with and is being separated from the friends he has had since kindergarten.
opinion2) Based on several online sources, MHS has consistently scored lower in every category but one than MBHS and MNHS, the one being dropout rate which MHS scored the highest in. Now, with these facts in mind, they want to INCREASE the student to teacher ratio? See below for stats.
3) If the point of this is to ease student population at Boyd, then why are they ADDING a neighborhood to Boyd that was zoned for McKinney North?
I understand the need to relieve some pressure from Boyd but the school board needs to do it in a way that makes sense. The proposed rezoning looks like a gerrymandered congressional zone. It appears that my neighborhood, admittedly one of the lower priced neighborhoods in Stonebridge, is being isolated from the rest of Stonebridge. If these zone HAVE to be put in place, then why is the school board waiting until now? Shouldn’t we get at least have a school year to plan and prepare?
Story submitted by Kurt Henry
Reading ELA Math Science Social Studies All Tests
McKinney Boyd High School     97%  88%  92%      97%     85%
McKinney ISD     96%  88%  91%      98%     84%
State     92%  82%  84%      96%     75%
McKinney High SchoolX     94%  86%  90%      98%     82%

TAKS (Commended) Rate by Subject

Reading ELA Math Science Social Studies All Tests
McKinney Boyd High School      40%   40%   41%       72%   21%
McKinney ISD      33%   37%   37%       68%   17%
State      23%   25%   22%       51%   10%
McKinney High SchoolX      25%   36%   31%       64%   12%

Dropout RatesYear

Rate of students who dropped out
Grades 7-12 Grades 9-12
McKinney Boyd High School      0.4      0.4
McKinney ISD      0.5      0.8
State        2      2.9
McKinney High School X      0.8      0.8

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