Wednesday , 25 April 2018

Let’s Go Viral with Anti-Cancer Slogans for Cancer Patients!!

Submitted by Lucy Watkins

I’m sending out a special request to anyone and everyone who can read my words.

My sister, Susy, was diagnosed with both breast cancer and colon cancer in early March. The tumor in her colon is T4…not too good. And despite the fact that our sister Shirley died of breast cancer in 1984 and our mother died of colon cancer in 1974, we are hopeful. We are strong. We are sick and tired of cancer bullying our family. So, our motto has become “<expletive deleted> Cancer!” not out of anger, but out of strength and resolve.

With this in mind, I’m asking people to take pictures of themselves, their friends, their coworkers, their pets holding signs that send Susy and other cancer patients a message of “We got your back.” I want my sister to know that people have heard her story and really do want her to be okay. I want her three children to see that people care.

Ideas for signs include:

Team Susy

We love Susy

Hugs for Susy

or more generic phrases like:

Kick Cancer’s Butt!

Give Cancer the Finger!

<expletive deleted> Cancer!

Anything you can think of is great. I know each and every person reading this has been affected by cancer and can see the potential power of this project.

You can send your pictures to I will make a video of all these pictures and send them to her on her first day of chemotherapy. My hope is that as the medicine enters her body, so will your support and caring.

Thank you in advance.

Susy’s little sister, Lucy.


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