Thursday , 26 April 2018

Lesson Two About Printers

Everyday, many folks come in my shop and ask me what printers I recommend.  I first have to ask them what they are printing, how many pages are they printing, home use or office use, and finally do they really need color.

I would like to focus on the typical color inkjet for home use printer in this article.  There are two kinds that are for sale out there and I have a definite dislike for one and a love for the other.  It all boils down to the cartridge system.

There are thousands of different inkjet cartridges, but only two styles.  The first style is a two cartridge system (one black and one color) that has a dense sponge inside that holds the ink.  If you look at the tri-color cartridge, you may wonder how much ink consisting of three colors have they squeezed into this little itty bitty box?  Not much!  When you run out of the yellow ink, the entire cartridge is empty because it can not longer mix colors properly.  Ergo, you must purchase a new or remanufactured cartridge.  The black cartridge holds only black but is designed in a way that you cannot operate the printer without a color cartridge in the printer.

The second style of cartridge is a tank system that offers individual tanks for each color necessary to run your printer.  Usually black, yellow, cyan, magenta, and a photo black.  By simple observation you can tell that each color is going to contain more ink than the tri-color product described above.  Depending on the manufacturer, these tanks are easily refillable, inexpensive to replace, and last longer. The only caveat to these is that your printer will stop operating if you run one cartridge empty.  I didn’t design this, the big manufacturers did and even some of these printers are on my “no buy” list.

Beware of some printers that promise cheap ink. It’s cheap alright because there is little ink in the cartridge.  When the day comes to shop for a new printer, call me at Rapid Refill Ink first and get my blessing on your purchase.  You  know I won’t hold back on my opinion. 

Trudy and Bill Whitney own Rapid Refill Ink located at 400 N. Central Expressway, Suite106 in McKinney near the post office.  The telephone number is 972.548.9393.  On top of saving up to 50% on print cartridges, Rapid Refill Ink offers free delivery to commercial accounts and printer repair services.

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