Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Learn to save a life and give the gift of Pawsperity!

Jessica Goff, founder of Critter Concierge Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services of Collin County, offers Pet Tech’s classes for pet owners most notably the PetSaver class every 4 – 6 weeks at the administrative offices at The Samaritan Inn. She also conducts onsite training for, boarding facilities and other pet oriented business.

“We are dedicated to supporting our local community” stated Mrs. Goff of Critter Concierge. “We have pledged to earn $1000.00 for the kennels at The Samaritan Inn and the Collin County Humane Society through our Pet Tech Training classes.”

There is a tremendous need for training in pet first aid and care because, unfortunately, thousands of pets die every year from preventable accidents! Pet owners would do anything to help their pets, if they only knew how. Our training will help supply that knowledge to better react in emergency situations.

“An important part of being a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet owner is knowing the life saving skills of pet first aid and care.”, stated Mrs. Goff.

The eight-hour class includes the skills and information necessary to prepare the pet owner in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency involving their pet. Some of the topics highlighted in the class include: CPR, Rescue Breathing, Shock Management, Bleeding Protocols, Injury and Wellness Assessments, Heat Injuries, Cold Injuries and Pet Care. “Doggie” or “Kitty” breath is not normal and is usually a sign of poor oral hygiene that should be addressed promptly. The PetSaver program teaches pet owners the many aspects of caring for their pet’s teeth. Pet owners will learn how to properly brush their pet’s teeth, choose safe toys and healthy food snacks and work with their veterinarian to assure good dental health.

On the average, pets (dogs and cats) seven years and older are considered senior “pet-izens” and are at risk for age-related health problems. In Pet Tech’s PetSaver class, pet owners will learn the risk factors associated with older pets, proper exercise plans, diet and nutritional choices, and the golden years. “Now pet owners can learn pet CPR, first aid and care to give their pets the longest lives and best care possible”, notes Mrs. Goff.

The next PetSaver class is scheduled for Jun 11, 2011 at The Samaritan Inn Administrative offices located at 1725 N. McDonald St., McKinney, TX 75071. The Samaritan Inn is Collin County’s only homeless program that helps willing people regain their independence through counseling, case management and self help classes.

Many men, women and families who experience a homeless situation and have a pet will choose to remain on the street, living in their cars or under bridges. To resolve this situation, The Samaritan Inn is now providing a climate controlled kennel area for these pets; because being homeless shouldn’t mean you have to lose everything. Mrs. Goff will be donating a portion of the tuition from the PetSaver class to the Inn and will also be collecting donations to help support the program

For more information about the Inn, visit www.thesamaritaninn.org. For more information or to sign-up for the PetSaver class, call Jessica Goff at Critter Concierge, Inc. 469-450-5853 or book online at www.critterconcierge.com click on Pet First Aid and CPR. To support the Collin County Humane Society register using discount code CCHS. ###

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