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Kid-size movable swimming pools cause substantial drowning danger

Kid-size movable swimming pools cause substantial drowning danger
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Kid-size movable swimming pools cause substantial drowning danger

As summer gets closer, more individuals will likely be looking to get away from the warmth and filling up their kiddie-size swimming pools for the children to cool off in. However, moms and dads have cause for serious caution, as these kiddie pools cause a severe danger to children, as reported by studies. Resource for this article – Kid-size portable swimming pools pose significant drowning risk by

Kid killed every five days in pool

The journal “Pediatrics” has published a report about mobile, kid-size pools. MSNBC states that a child drowns in one of these pools once every five days during the summer months. Movable and inflatable pools, that are cheap and plastic, 18 inches are lower in depth to four feet in depth that can cost over $1,000 and are much larger were all examined. Non-permanent pools were the trigger of 209 deaths from 2001 to 2009. There were 35 injuries from them too. About 81 percent of the incidents happened during summer months while only 6 percent of victims were over 5. Pool depth was not a factor; children can drown in two inches of water, as reported by USA Today.

Needing safety equipment

In-ground pool safety codes are very strict, unlike mobile pools. Lack of supervision is not always a factor; approximately 43 percent of all drowning incidents occurred when children were supervised. There was no supervision when about 18 percent of the deaths occurred. There were “lapses” in supervision about 18 percent of the time. ABC states that 73 percent of incidents were at the child’s home. Almost 70 percent of incidents occurred when children used the ladder to enter pools. There was a lot more advertising in the above-ground pool industry between 2001 and 2005. This led to an increase in fatalities.

Fencing to restrict the area is highly suggested in the report, including other safety equipment. An enclosing four-sided fence could be more expensive than the pools themselves, but the CDC say a four-sided pool fence reduces threat by 83 percent.

CPR needs to be learned by moms and dads

The report also states more parents should learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. On 15 percent of drowning fatalities, CPR was performed before medics arrived and it was performed on 17 percent of the non-fatal injuries. The CDC reports that in 2007, drowning was how 30 percent of children ages 1 to 4 died. It also was the second leading trigger of death in ages 1 to 14 of children. Residential pools were where most incidents occurred for children ages 1 to 4. Typically it would take less than five minutes to take place. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 383 children age 15 or younger drown in pools or spas yearly. Only 4 percent of submersion injuries end in a child making it past a week. About 72 percent of the children end up dying that day.

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