Sunday , 22 April 2018

Kick It With a Great Summer Read

Summertime is the right time to catch up on your reading.  Whether poolside, lakeside, or inside in the blessed air-conditioned air, curling up with a great book, is a favorite pasttime for many looking to beat the heat.  Here are few suggested reads to consider as you refill a tall glass of lemon-mint iced tea:

1. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett – Set in the Amazon rainforest, best-selling author, Ann Patchett’s newest release takes readers on a great adventure of exploration, looking deeply at the hard decisions we must make in the name of discovery and love.  This tale of morality and miracles, science and sacrifice, follows a Minnesota pharmaceutical company research scientist Dr. Marina Singh, as she tracks down her former mentor, Dr. Annick Swenson, who has disappeared into the Amazonian rainforest while working on a valuable new drug. says, “In a narrative replete with poison arrows, devouring snakes, and a neighboring tribe of cannibals, State of Wonder is a world unto itself, where unlikely beauty stands beside unimaginable loss.  It is a tale that leads the reader into the very heart of darkness, and then shows us what lies on the other side.”

2. The Blackberry Bush by David Housholder – This is the tale of Kati and Josh, two babies born on opposite sides of the world at the very moment the Berlin Wall falls. “You’d think such a powerful freedom metaphor would become the soundtrack for the lives,” says, “but nothing could be further from the truth.”  Artisic California skateboarder, Josh struggles to find his place in the world, while German-born Kati, a girl who loves attic treasure-hunting, and more specifically, classic Swiss watches, deals with the heartbreak of never feeling “enough” for anyone, most especially her mom. With each seeking to claim their birthright of freedom, a chance encounter transforms their lives.  Or is it really chance?

3. Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand – Hilderbrand’s main character, Meredith Martin Delinn has just lost everything including friends, property and social standing because her husband cheated wealthy investors out of billions.  Over the course of a Nantucket summer, Hildebrand weaves a tale of suspense, chronicling the power of friendship, love and forgiveness.   

4. The Art of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagan – Pagan’s debut novel is one of great friendship interrupted and asks the question:  Can a relationship survive when the memories are gone?  This is the question Pagan’s main character, Marissa Rogers must answer, when her best friend Julia Ferrar is hit by a cab that steals her memory and alters her personality.  “The Art of Forgetting is the story about the power of friendship, the memories and myths that hold us back, and the delicate balance between forgiving and forgetting,” says

5. The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai – What happens when a librarian and a young boy obsessed with reading hits the road?  Such is the premise of Makkai’s debut novel about young librarian Lucy Hull, who finds herself both kidnapper and kidnapped, when her favorite book loving kid, ten year old Ian Drake decides to run away from home.  


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