Saturday , 24 March 2018

It’s The Best I Can Do

By Christine Hockin-Boyd, Community Lifeline Center

He is a young, employed manager in a local company. He has health insurance, a salary sufficient enough to cover savings, mortgage, utilities, a leased car, new furniture and occasional vacations. He’s working long hours, donating to his church, helping a brother in need, and trying to save for his children’s college education. He has a support network.

He gives as much as he can, when he can, saying “It’s the best I can do.

She’s in her 50’s. She lives with an adult son who receives a $629 a month in Social Security disability payment.  She has no health insurance and by the time all the bills are paid, she can’t afford the life saving insulin she needs. Her son earns extra money by doing odd jobs for neighbors like mowing their lawns or painting a fence. $629 a month is their total income for rent, food, living expenses. She has no support network.

She came to CLC after trying everything she could think of to remain independent. She came to ask for help for her and her son, saying “It’s the best I can do.”

CLC is a 23 year old Collin County human services organization dedicated to finding solutions for those who’ve been blindsided by a crisis. Unexpected medical costs, job loss, family separation, housing crisis. CLC tries to lift people and families up, by working with them to provide for immediate needs; a shoulder to lean on – if only for a month or two – while putting together a longer term plan.

CLC has a rigorous screening process to ensure only those with a documented need are helped. Individuals and families might get some of their rent/mortgage paid; help to get utilities kept on, prescription assistance, or assistance in a job search.

So, after meeting with a CLC case manager a prospective client is provided with whatever support is available based on their needs and CLC’s ability to give. Each intake session ends with a case manager outlining available assistance, and those same words: “It’s the best I can do.”

And, that’s what CLC asks of its donors: “Just do the best you can do.”


Community Lifeline Center strengthens communities in North Collin County by guiding residents in crisis back to self-sufficiency and independence.

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Know a veteran/family member in need? CLC has a wonderful program in which to serve veterans, their dependents, and surviving spouses throughout Collin County. Tell someone today!

Know of a TXU Energy customer struggling to pay their utility bill or needs help with energy efficiency items (window A/C, ceiling fan, compact fluroescent light bulbs)? Refer them to CLC as TXU Energy is a computer partner providing Energy Aid dollars to assist their customers. Tell someone today!




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