Monday , 23 April 2018

It’s Our Turn To Serve

Often veterans return to civilian life only to encounter new challenges. For many veterans – young and old – service has changed them, or life changed while they served. Look around you: do you know a veteran? Is he or she working or looking for work? Does the family seem to need help with clothes, housing, health care? Do you know surviving dependents of veterans looking for assistance?

Chances are when you look – really look- you’ll find veterans, or their dependents, in need. And, now you can help serve those who served all us by referring them to Community Lifeline Center, in McKinney. Community Lifeline Center was one of only 21 state organizations selected to receive a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission; a grant designed to provide a range of services to veterans.

Since the grant was awarded in July of this year, Community Lifeline Center has offered assistance for rent or mortgage to 17 men and women veterans.  Nearly 20 men and women have received help with their utility bills.  Six families received vouchers for food, and seven families with children received vouchers for new shoes. Community Lifeline Center has been able to reach nearly 100 new veterans, dependents and widows because of the grant: and, this in just the first three months.

The goal for this year at Community Lifeline Center is to serve up to 750 veterans, dependents and surviving spouses.

Veterans and dependents can access a wide array of support from Community Lifeline Center. Services can take the form of vouchers, but also include services that come from a range of collaborative partnerships. Community Lifeline Center has entered into partnerships with a counseling service, an attorney, an auto repair dealership, and area dentists and doctors who will accept veterans, and invoice Community Lifeline Center. These partnerships enable Community Lifeline Center to more fully meet the needs of veterans requiring assistance to re-integrate into daily life.

So, it’s “Our turn to serve”; to say “Thank You” to those who served, and the families who depend on them.  Look around you. Tell a friend, a colleague, or another veteran that Community lifeline Center stands ready to help. Have them call, email, visit the office or visit the website. Because, as Community Lifeline Center always says:  “A community stands tallest, when it kneels to offer a helping hand”.

Or, a well-earned salute.

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