Monday , 18 June 2018

It Is A Special Day

  • My generation was born shortly before or shortly after the United States entered World War II.  We have been labeled the “Silent Generation”.  Our parents have been identified by the outstanding newsman, Tom Brokaw, the “Great Generation”.  Both labels seem very appropriate.  Our parents experienced two world wars, the economic recovery after each, the “Great Depression”, the Korean conflict, and with us the Vietnam War.  From those events, they helped rebuild and establish the “Middle Class” in this country.  We, the “Silent Generation” were reared by these people.  Our respect for them came in two parts:  admiration for what they had endured and accomplished; and a a dgree of fear for we knew what they could do when angered or challenged.  Thus we followed, obeyed, observed, learned and kept silent. 
  • The “Baby Boomers” are our younger peers.  The “X Generation” are our children and the “Y Generation” are our grandchildren.
  • As a lover and teacher of history, I am convinced that the events that occur each day, most of which we have no control, impact who we are, the decisions we make and the legacy we leave for future generations.  Sharing historical events through Collin County Rewind on Town Square Buzz is my way of trying to make all aware of how important history is to all generations.  As we pause to observe Independence Day, regardless of how we do it, we need to remember as the the fireworks are firing, the parades or parading and the grill is sizzling why this is a great day.
  • Don Newsom

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