Friday , 27 April 2018

`I’ll Have Chocolate with a Side of Inspiration, Please’

By Deborah Viapianni-Ricci, TSB Contributor

There is just something about the arrival of the next season that beckons renewal wrapped in excitement. What plans do you have for your own replenishment?

Sunday, our wonderful friend and contractor, Andrew along with his guys, Abraham and Israel, came to our home and pecked off my “honey-do” list with mucho gusto. Needless to say, I am elated! We have only been in our home in the “Hood” for a little over six months, so as you can imagine, the tasks that need doing are great in number. After collecting loads of clippings and inspiring brocante, I was so happy to see my vision come to fruition!

It’s important to have an ongoing well of inspiration, don’t you think? We all need that. So, when I need creative stimulation, I take myself out on what author Julia Cameron calls an “artists’ date.” And, because I am fairly new to the area, these forays are a necessary habit to get into. It doesn’t need to be too far, either. Just somewhere I can take in the general splendor of my destination. Today, my jaunt took me over to Watter’s Creek where I happily meandered through Anthropologie where there is absolutely no shortage of muse inspiring ideas. Indeed, a plethora of sensory awakenings just waiting to be discovered. 

After I had my “fill,” I strolled directly next door to the most wonderful chocolate shoppe called “Sublime.” Upon entering, a wonderful Danish woman named Sanne educated me about this very special establishment which only made me more curious about tasting their wares. Since it was my first visit, she promptly asked me what my preference was with regard to either white, milk, or dark chocolate. I answered “dark.” She then presented me with a petite sample of their divine drinking chocolate … pure heaven!  I then ordered a latte which was delivered with yet another “version” of their confections, a nibble of handcrafted chocolate embedded with hazelnuts and cranberries … noticing a theme, here?  I also got to meet the owners, a lovely husband and wife team, Troy and Bliss (appropriate, don’t you think?) Easton and I got to learn more about their incredible art.  Needless to say, my “date” was truly a feast for the senses. 

In this fast-paced society, it’s so important to make time for renewal of the body and soul. Where will you go for inspiration? And, what’s more, will you give yourself permission to do it?

So, with March well on it’s way, did  it come in like a lion and will it leave us like a lamb? That’s for each of us to decide, because — sometimes — we need to hear a big roar to get our attention!

Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a freelance writer living in the “Hood” with her husband, Wil.  She can be found sipping at Sublime and filling her cup with inspiration. Feel free to join her!  And, don’t forget to check out her

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