Friday , 27 April 2018

If you or I did this, WE would be in prison!

If you or I did this, WE would be in prison! Please stop the Collin County Probate Court, Judge Weldon Copeland’s court from stealing ALL of an elderly, incapacitated, disabled, widow’s money. Our mother is a rightful beneficiary and heir to the Trust money left by her sister; she NEEDS the money to live. It’s criminal to allow a person with the means to pay for her own care, to become a ward of the State of Texas because the judge and attorneys in Probate Court collude and conspire to manipulate the system to advance the financial interests of attorneys and others through involuntary redistribution of assets, and brazenly use the prestige of public office to do so!

Please help by sending an email to TERRI GREEN (GREEN is also running for the vacant 380 District Judge seat); DEMAND that she do the RIGHT THING and actually PROTECT FAY HOHMANN! Terri Green has already written and cashed her own check, and will be writing HUGE checks to other attorneys tomorrow! Once the money is gone, Mom will be penniless and homeless! Act NOW please. TERRI GREEN’s email:

Also, email Judge Weldon Copeland, (he will be seeking re-election in 2014). He is the person approving those checks; DEMAND that he do the right thing for once in this case! Help Fay Hohmann! Judge Copeland’s email:

Learn more about Probate Court Abuse in our case and Probate Court Reform by going to our wiki page: and attending the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee Public Hearing in Austin, Texas, Location: E2.010 on Thursday March 15, 2012, at 10:00 AM. Committee Chair is Rep. Jim Jackson.

Thank you for your support.

Janet Hohmann Powell 

PS – I am a resident of, and registered voter in, North Carolina; I am no longer a registered voter in Collin County Texas. I DO think it is important for all Collin County voters to know if their candidate(s) have a moral compass or not. You decide for yourself.

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