Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Ice Cream Makers (and Lovers) Pack Chestnut Square for Crank-Off

By Nikki Darling, TSB Staff

Ice cream makers from all over McKinney gathered Saturday to churn and serve their own unique ice cream creations.

Chestnut square was packed with ice cream makers and ice cream lovers enjoying the competition of the 17th annual Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank-Off. People who attended the competition were allowed to purchase tickets, which allowed them to taste the ice cream the makers had prepared. A large tent was set up and underneath happy faces browsed and tasted the diverse ice cream flavors.

“Despite the heat, the lively activity really made the atmosphere enjoyable,” said McKinney resident Emmie Roy. “This was my first year coming and I am really excited to come back next year.”

After all of the judges had tasted the ice cream flavors they went into seclusion to discuss their favorites. While they were hard at work judging, so were the guests. That’s because attendees were also able to vote on which ice cream was their favorite.

“The Best Overall winner will be manufactured by Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream and sold all summer at Market Street, Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream in Plano, various outlets on the square and at Chestnut Square.  Look for it to appear on shelves in two weeks,” said Cindy Johnson, the executive director of Chestnut Square.

Johnson then presented the winners of the competition with miniature ice cream churn trophies. The winners were:

1.       Gourmet:  Banana Tofana by Amoret Cain
2.       Fruit:  Native Texas Dewberry by Allen Handley
3.       Chocolate:  Organo Gold Chocolate Almond Café by Ron Sutter
4.       You Made What?:  Minced Meats by Paul Edwards
5.       Blank & Nut:  Almond Joy by Laura Duckworth
6.       Under 12 (New Category in 2012):  Gummie Bear by Claudia Duckworth
7.       Vanilla:  Flip Flop Mama Vanilla by Lu Geer
8.       People’s Choice (voted on by the tasters):  Peachy Keen by Pam Farley and Lali Miles

If you missed it this year make sure to look for the winning ice cream at Market Street this summer and come out next year for a day of fun and tasty ice cream!

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