Wednesday , 25 April 2018

How to Vote for American Idol’s Hollie Cavanagh 101

By Michele Stevens Bernard, TSB Entertainment Writer

Hollie Cavanagh fans, aka Hollie-pops, especially those of us in McKinney, Texas have made it our collective mission to keep our favorite 18-year-old in the running for the title of FOX network’s American Idol.  With her big voice, and our Wednesday night votes, at this writing, Hollie finds herself as one of only 5 contestants left standing. 

“Thank you to everyone who has been voting for Hollie,” says big brother Luke, “She wouldn’t be where she is without you!”

At this stage in the competition, our commitment to continue voting for Hollie is more important than ever.

“Now is the time that voting is the most crucial,” says Luke, “It’s anyone’s game.” 

Voting takes place immediately following the Wednesday night performance, and continues for two hours after the close of the show.  Each week, contestants are given a toll-free number for viewers to call at the conclusion of the show.  Viewers with an AT&T texting plan may also vote via text.  Either of these options allows voters to cast an unlimited number of votes during the two hour window following the show in their time zone.  American Idol also allows viewers to cast up to 50 votes online. 

“If you sent in 1 vote last week,” suggests Luke, “vote 5 times this week.”

Other ways Hollie-pops can see Hollie all the way to the title of American Idol are:

Phone A Friend – Remember the commercial that encouraged you to tell 2 friends, and then they tell 2 friends and so on and so on?  Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join the fun and vote with you.  Make it easy for them by posting Hollie’s number to your facebook, twitter, and other social media accounts.  Send a quick reminder text, or give them a quick call.  Be creative, have fun, and encourage your people to do likewise.

Be A Homer – If you’re like me, you love Skylar, and Josh might make you cry, and you giggle like a school girl when P2 flashes those sexy dimples and sideways grin, but at the end of the day, our hearts and our votes belong to Hollie.  Vote for Hollie, Early, Often and Always.  Vote splitting doesn’t do any favors for either of your faves.

Commit – Voting is open from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Let your fingers do the walking over and over and over again. 

Tag Team – How many phones and computers do you have?  One woman told me of how she votes on her cell phone, while casting online votes with her iPad.   Another McKinney family makes a game of who can vote the most, the fastest, the longest using, iPads, laptops, and landlines. 

Skype – Speaking of internet, consider using an internet based service like Skype to cast your votes.

However you choose to participate in the voting process after Wednesday night’s show, the most important thing to remember is to have fun.  The interactive nature and close marriage of reality television and social media have literally made it possible to be an integral part of the game, and an important teammate to Hollie.

“Hollie is trying her best every week,” says Luke, “And I know that together, we can take her all the way!”

If you live in McKinney or the surrounding area, please join us in downtown McKinney this Wednsday night, May 2, at the McKinney Performing Arts Center for a community wide American Idol Watch Party in Hollie Cavanagh’s honor.  Showtime is 7 p.m. Food, drinks, beer and wine will be available for purchase courtesy of Square Burger. 

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