Friday , 22 June 2018

How Much Do Americans Spend on Easter?

Submitted by Christine Hockin-Boyd, Community Lifeline Center

Americans are a curious lot when it comes to how we spend our money. Based on current statistics, we spend $10 billion on romance novels, and $11 billion on engagement and wedding rings, and $20 billion on perfume and chocolate. But, nearly the same amount – $34 billion – on gambling, so we apparently like to take chances.

We spend almost as much on lawn care [$40 billion] as child care [$47 billion], and exactly the same on Twinkies as on golf balls [$500 million]. We spend $2.3 billion having tattoos put on, but only $66 million having them removed. Give that another 20 years and those numbers are apt to reverse themselves!

When it comes to charitable giving, it’s estimated that total donations in America will be about $298 billion in 2012. And, even though that’s only a little more than twice the amount we spend on fast food, that’s still a generous amount of giving; and, as most of it comes from individuals, there’s every reason to be proud of the support that goes to organizations like Community Lifeline Center. And, we are thankful for that.

Oh, and how much do we spend on Easter? Americans will spend about $14 billon dollars on Easter merchandise- on average about $135. If that sounds like your budget, and if you’re able to enjoy the holiday surrounded by family and friends, rejoice. And, if you can share a small amount of that budget for those less fortunate click here.

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