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How a Stylist Can Stay Busy During The Holidays





It’s the most wonderful time of the year…You typically hear this phrase often in December.  It can also be a difficult time of year for a new stylist or esthetician.  People tend to be a little tight with their money during the holiday season when it comes to luxuries like skin treatments and hair styling, but there is still an incredible market for these services during this time.  A stylist must capitalize on these opportunities in order to have a fruitful end to the year.  Here are some tips to help.

1. Run Holiday Specials:  Everyone loves a deal and the holidays are no different.  With people attending holiday parties, specials will be attractive to those trying to look their best at these functions.  Running them throughout the entire month will keep a stylist’s or esthetician’s chair full.  Especially those preparing for New Year’s Eve parties.

2. Be Fabulous:  This goes without saying, but doing a great job on someone’s hair, nails and skin will result in immediate referrals.  “Wow, who did your hair? It looks great!”.  Stylists that do great work are never slow regardless of the season.

3. Holiday Pictures: A great way that a stylist can attract new business is by advertising their services for holiday pictures.  Everyone wants to look their best when sending out holiday cards and photos and a new cut and color will ensure that goal is achieved.

4. Social Media:  With millions of people scrolling through their news feeds, social media is a great place for a new stylist or esthetician to market their services.  Pictures of treatments and styles attract people to want the same look.  Running targeted ads on Facebook for the holidays can result in an immediate spike in business.  Just be sure to not be pushy or “salesy”.  That is a big turnoff on social media.  Simply provide tips, value and pictures of your work and the clientele will come to you.

If you have anymore suggestions that could lead to a busier holiday season, please feel free to comment below.  Thanks and we hope you have a wonderful and busy holiday!

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