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Homecoming Weeks to be Filled With Actitives at Boyd, MHS and North

Homecoming is a long-standing tradition of welcoming back alumni to your high school and it usually involves a community parade, a football game, a nominated court, and mums to celebrate. All three high schools in McKinney will put their own unique twist on this year’s festivities.

McKinney Boyd is first up, with its homecoming game vs. Garland Naaman Forest on Friday, Sept. 30 culminating a week of activities. Next, McKinney High’s homecoming game is Oct. 7 vs. Rockwall; and McKinney North’s is Oct. 28 vs. Rockwall, as well.

Continuing a tradition that began when McKinney High was the lone high school in town, the Lions will have their homecoming parade around downtown McKinney on October 1st with a community pep rally and carnival right after. Every day leading up to the week of the homecoming game, there is a spirit day to get the students pumped up for the big game. Tuesday of that week is nerd day, and all the students can dress “nerdy” with tall socks, big glasses, suspenders, sweater vests, or collared shirts with pens in the front pocket.

On Wednesday, everyone is permitted to dress up like their favorite super hero. Thursday the theme is 80’s, and students will break out their neon shirts, big hair, leg warmers, and tie dye, and Friday students wear the homecoming t-shirt to support their team at the football game that evening.

Along with spirit days, there are also events that occur every day. For example, Monday there is deck the halls, which is where different clubs and organizations at the school sign up to decorate one hallway in the building. Tuesday is the powder-puff football game and battle of the bands. Wednesday the manwhich auction is held, this is where senior athletes make baskets and decorate them with candy and gift cards, but they don’t put their
name on it because girls get to bid on the baskets and the winner gets to have lunch with the athlete who made the basket.

“I love doing the manwhich auction because it is always fun to see what the boys and their moms can come up with to decorate the baskets and make them cute,” MHS Student body president Tatiana Marquis said. “Everyone always has so much fun with it.”

Thursday is players and pizza, which is where teachers wear jerseys of their favorite player or student and eat pizza to support their boys. The dance will be held in the cafeteria right after the game and unlike most traditional homecoming dances, MHS’s dance is very casual in the cafeteria and students dress in shorts and a t-shirt rather than dresses.

McKinney Boyd will also be having a community pep rally and the traditional Bronco Fest to introduce the sports teams and underclassmen homecoming court. Boyd will also be doing deck the halls and spirit days the week prior to the game. Monday they have super hero day. Tuesday is “Texas Tuesday” where all of the students put on their best western wear. Wednesday is “Wacky Wedneday” and the students get to dress crazy. Thursday is polo swag day where all of the students wear polo shirts; and Friday everyone wears the homecoming shirt to promote their team.

They also have their version of the manwhich called “Guy Grab” where the auction off the boys and their basket and the highest bidder gets to have lunch with them. Opposite from McKinney High, Boyd’s homecoming is very formal and everyone dresses up in nice dresses and suits and has official dates.

“I like having a more formal homecoming because people seem to like dressing up because they get to look nice and go eat dinner and go out with their date,” Boyd Student body president Ross Rohlmeier said. “We provide shoe check and places to take bags and shoes so people can be more comfortable while dancing.”

Boyd’s dance is on the Saturday following the football game in the cafeteria with nice decorations and doing it the day after gives everyone a chance to look nice and dress up before the dance.

McKinney North adds an additional activity to its week: The Bulldogs also host a carnival to raise money and support their team.

“We usually have a carnival in the parking lot with jump houses and extracurricular groups to get booths,” North Student body president Abigail Bicney said. “Last year we even got Buffalo Wild Wingsn to come and cook off it was really cool.”

North’s spirit days are jungle themed, nerd day, and homecoming shirt day on the Friday of the big game. They also have a casual homecoming dance in their cafeteria after the football game. Also, on Friday of the game all of the students paint their faces during lunch to promote school spirit. Since this year’s game is right around Halloween, the students are hoping to play off of that theme with shirts and fun decorations at the dance like a haunted hallway that will lead the students into the cafeteria.


Mums are corsages that girls wear pinned to their shirts for the homecoming festivities and boys wear matching garters on their arms. These corsages are usually school colors or for seniors, it is more traditional to have white and silver because they look more sophisticated. At Edwards Floral the average mum costs $55 and a garter is $30, but you can special order them according to your preference on how large you want it to be and they become more expensive as the size increases.

Edwards floral is usually at the high schools sometime before homecoming to sell mums and garters to the students during their lunches, but McKinney North’s drill team sells them as a fundraiser to support their booster club. They usually include colorful ribbons, plastic football helmets, the names of a couple or a person
and their club, and the school’s mascot is put in the flower at the top. If you don’t want to pay someone
to make your mum or garter, you can buy supplies from any Michael’s to make your own.

The homecoming court is also a big part of the homecoming celebration. Normally, there are some basic categories for underclassmen such as princess, prince, duke, duchess, and the seniors can be nominated for homecoming queen, king, prince and princess of fine arts, prince and princess of clubs, and sweetheart and beau. It is tradition that the previous year’s queen returns for this game and crowns her successor as the new queen at the homecoming game.

Story by Christine Baker, Teen Talk columnist for

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