Saturday , 23 June 2018

Home School on the Rise

By Dancer Strong Academy

There is no denying more and more families over the last decade are leaving the public school system and deciding to home school. An estimated 300,000 students in the United State have chosen to be home schooled in the United States this year. Parents are removing their children from traditional public schooling and choosing an alternative method to learning.

There are many reasons parents choose to home school, some for religious reasons, some for non-religious reasons, and some because they simply believe that they can do better. Studies have shown home school parents typically do a great job at academically preparing their students for college with more home school students excelling in college courses then ever before.

Even though home school children pass through academia with flying colors, socialization and preparation for real-world situations is often a challenge. Many students gather together in co-ops where they can get plugged in with other home-school students, and attend social events hosted by these groups, but even this is still lacking in the socialization process. Students need to be surrounded with a diverse group of others in order to discover and refine skills in processing communications and problem solving.

Allowing children to participate in after-school activities is a great way to introduce socialization without throwing them into a play-group, or awkwardly meeting at a park. Joining a sports team, learning martial arts or taking dance lessons are all great ways to introduce diversity into the life of a home school child.

Many times though, after-school activities are geared for that exactly, after school. Home school families aren’t traditional in that they might choose different times to learn that better suits their individual situation.

At Dancer Strong Academy we understand that many home school families want to have family time in the evenings when most activities happen. That’s why we offer a schedule of classes weekday mornings, specifically developed for home school students and families in addition to our after school schedule. We believe that home school students should have the same learning and performance opportunities traditional students have.

Kylie Nelson is our highly qualified instructor for our home school classes. She recently graduated from Texas State University, with a BFA in Dance. She has been dancing for many years, and even grew up right here in McKinney. She has a passion for teaching students the art of dance and understands the importance of socialization, discipline and developing confidence in her young students.

For a complete schedule of classes, and more information about our specific home school program, visit our website at , or call the studio at 214-491-6141.

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