Sunday , 24 June 2018

Hmm, What Does a Veteran Look Like?

By Christine Hockin-Boyd, Community Lifeline Center

Picture a veteran and what comes to mind? A strapping, square-jawed combat ready Marine? A female naval officer in her starched summer white uniform? Or, perhaps a wheelchair-bound 80 year old with a Pearl Harbor baseball cap?

Veterans come in all sizes, shapes, genders, and ages; and, a great many come to Community Lifeline Center looking for help. Like the female veteran with two children under the age of two, requesting food; an older man with no front teeth asking for dental help; a young man whose wife just left him asking for advice on which way to turn. Veterans whose perfect service records provide no guarantee they will succeed in civilian life or protection if they don’t.

But, they do have a couple of things in common: they’re all veterans and they all heard that someone at Community Lifeline Center could help them. Thankfully, they heard right!

Community Lifeline Center’s Veteran Program extends a wide range of services to veterans, dependents, and surviving spouses in the CLC service area. The program is funded through a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission.  According to Megan Hickman, MSW, Veterans Case Manager at CLC, the veterans seen have been from all wars, and all time periods: “Their military experience covers a wide range of time and experience, but what’s most needed from all the Veterans we see are financial aid and employment.”

After reviewing each need, prioritizing and writing an action plan with each client, Megan is able to commit to financial and educational commitment for the veteran while they share a goal of finding employment through various resources in the community. When asked what the most rewarding part of her job has been, Megan quickly responded: “Allowing someone to focus on overcoming other issues, either mental or physical, by decreasing their financial worries.”

Interested in helping veterans?

There are three actions you can take: 1) Donate further funding for our Veterans; 2) Employ veterans or their spouses; 3) Assist in creating awareness of the needs of Veterans and their families.  Need to know more?  Contact us at Community Lifeline Center, 972-542-0020 or at

The Community Lifeline Center is highlighting its veterans programs throughout the month of May.

The Community Lifeline Center strengthens communities in North Collin County by guiding residents in crisis back to self-sufficiency and independence.

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