Monday , 21 May 2018

Green Greatness: First McKinney Home Installs Solar Panels

By Nikki Darling, TSB Staff

McKinney resident Mary Browder and her husband Rick Browder are the first of hopefully many in town to begin the “go green” initiative by installing solar panels in their house.

The Browders decided to make the change for a couple of reasons. The area they lived in had frequent electrical problems, which was becoming an issue for everyday living. They are also looking to retire in the next 10 years and felt the need to cut costs, particularly, as Browder noted, when living on a fixed income.  With these factors in mind, the Browders eventually decided to make the switch and install solar panels.

“We chose Green Ox Energy to install them for us because they were the most informed and were very honest about the process and their services. They didn’t hide anything,” said Mary.

The Browders had previously looked into solar panels, but decided to hold off. “Green Ox was patient with us while we thought about it and were still there willing to help us make the switch a year later,” Mary said. “And since in the end we will have lower bills it just made sense.”

Browder also said that her neightborhood homeowners association was easy to work with and very supportive. 
“The panels aren’t very noticeable, so our homeowners association was anxious to help us.”

It took from February to April to get the process completed between working with city for permitting and Oncor energy, as well as the incentive process, the going was slow, but as Browder and her husband are able to moniter their energy use from their smart phones, well worth the wait. 

Green Ox offers a system in which any extra energy accumulated through the panels that is not used, goes back to the main plant and the homeowners are compensated for the energy they don’t use. “On summer days in the afternoons, when the sun is beating down and the panels are absorbing the energy, we don’t use all of that (energy) so it goes back to their main plant where they pay us for the energy we don’t use. ”                                                                                                                     

An efficient system on the part of Green Ox is an enticing way to draw in customers. With homeowners associations becoming more relaxed about things such as solar panels, the city of McKinney may see more and more people transferring over to solar panels to make a difference in expenses and energy efficiency.

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