Sunday , 24 June 2018

GO BACK…Planning to Board A Pet?

By Suzen Dennis, Tailwaggers Country Inn

One of the reasons I left the fashion industry to open a pet care facility was due to a traumatic boarding experience with my pooch almost resulting in her death.

Prior to boarding a plane from NYC back to DFW airport I decided to check on my sweet little pup, a beautiful Maltese appropriately named Sweetie, whom had been in a local boarding facility for just a quick week end getaway. I was informed that my little Sweetie was just fine, and looked forward to seeing me very soon.

Upon arrival to the facility, I shockingly discovered that my sweet little friend had been rushed, unresponsive, to a Veterinarian’s office down the street, with no explanation. Horrified, I ran to the animal hospital only to find her tiny little limbs hooked up to IV’s still unresponsive.

I decided I wanted her to leave with me, as there would be no one at the hospital all night anyway. I held her urine stained body in the passenger seat, and diligently performed CPR on her all the way home. Upon arriving home I rushed her still unresponsive into the kitchen and forced honey down her tiny weak throat.

I prayed as I took a shower to remove the urine from my frightened and quivering self. Within ten minutes my Sweetie was bouncing around in tiny excited circles all over the room. Why? What really happened? Obviously she had been placed next to a larger full male dog, whom proceeded to mark his territory…my sweet baby!! This fear caused her the inability to eat, and having gone unnoticed, and being such a tiny little pooch eventually resulted in hypoglycemic shock!!

I made the huge mistake many pet parents make in not doing my due diligence, but walking into a facility with a nice little lobby, trusting these strangers, and handing my precious baby over to them, not thinking twice about it.

The boarding kennel industry is NOT regulated in any way, and I could share a host of horror stories with you regarding the mismanagement and mistreatment of animals by some facilities who do not share the passion for our sweet family members.

Recommendations For Choosing Boarding

  1. Tour several facilities…do your due diligence.
  2. GO BACK!! Demand to see the entire facility, not just the front entry.
  3. The entire facility should look, and smell fresh and clean….odor free.
  4. There should be a good ventilation system with heat and a/c in the kennels.
  5. Kennels should be roomy, not small cages, and never stacked.
  6. Clean water should be in abundance throughout the facility and outdoors.
  7. All play areas should be clean, safe, secure and supervised.
  8. Staff should be friendly, and passionate about their guests.
  9. Staff should be trained in first aid and CPR for pets.
  10. Pets should appear clean, happy, and peaceful.
  11. Check with the Better Business Bureau.
  12. Read customer reviews.
  13. Inquire about foods served, and feeding procedures.
  14. Ask about the daily itinerary, and policies for emergencies.

Now you are ready for a stress free vacation in knowing your pet is in good hands!

Tailwaggers Country Inn is a 34 acre all inclusive, and affordable luxury vacation retreat for your pet. We offer door to door limousine service, daycare, grooming, a full size swimming pool, and have been proudly serving the McKinney area for 14 years. Call 1-877-774-DOGS or email us at for your pet’s vacation destination today! Visit our website at or our TSB Profile Page for more information.

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