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Ghostly Topics: Paranormal Lecture Series Sponsored by Texpart

Texpart Paranormal are investigators who have assisted Chestnut Square in the annual “Legends of McKinney Ghostwalk.”

Texpart has investigated several buildings in downtown McKinney. We are now sponsoring a new event. Texpart Paranormal presents Paranormal Lecture Series, an educational conference about paranormal topics. It will be held November 5th, 2011 1 pm to 5:30 p.m. in McKinney, Texas at the MPAC center, renovated from the historic and “haunted” Collin County Courthouse.

Speakers include:

Dr. Jan Holden – Professor of Counseling at U.N.T. “Veridical Perception in Near-Death Experiences.” Dr. Holden, EdD, LPC-S,LMFT,NCC is the Chair of Department of Counseling and Higher Education at the University of North Texas in Denton. Her primary professional interest is the transpersonal perspective in counseling – “transpersonal” referring most basically to experiences and stages of development that involve transcendence of the usual personal limits of space and/or time. She has served three years as president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. She has co-authored the book, “The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation.” Veridical perception is an observation made by a person who is experiencing a near-death experience which is later verified to be true and corresponds with reality. In essence, it is verifiable proof that perception outside of the physical body can happen.

Michael Weaver – Founder of Texas Parapsychology Society “Foundations of Parapsychology” Michael Weaver holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. He hosts the Texas Parapsychology Society that has monthly meetings at the “haunted” Emily Fowler Library in Denton, Texas. He presents various topics of Parapsychology, such as ESP, Psychokinesis, and Survival of Consciousness. The Texas Parapsychology Society can be found on Michael enjoys conducting experiments with Psychomanteum chambers.

Marcel Cairo – Afterlife Medium – “Do We Survive?” Marcel once was “Hollywood” medium, but lucky now resided in Texas. He is an afterlife medium and spiritual therapist. As a science-based, evidential medium, he has collaborated with various scientists and thinkers researching the survival of consciousness question. Marcel focuses on delivering powerful proof and personally significant validations that life goes on. Dr. Timothy Barth – TCU Professor of Psychology Dr. Barth is the Chair of the Psychology Department at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He is a Behavioral Neuroscience Researcher. He teaches a parapsychology course at TCU. He has developed the Fourth Hypothesis as a way to view and investigate paranormal phenomenon.

Ty Phillips: Apparitions Unveiled: discussing real research on apparitional experiences. Ty is a member of Texpart and the Texas Parapsychology Society. Ty has a B.A. in psychology and works with youth in the Juvenile Justice system. After several haunting and pre-cognitive type experiences, he began to investigate the paranormal, eventually becoming a member of Texpart. Ty began to listen to audio recorders for EVPs in real-time, starting a trend in the local area. More information at

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