Monday , 21 May 2018

Geocache: Find McKinney’s Hidden Treasures

By Michele Stevens Bernard

TSB Staff Writer

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, let’s go Geocaching, McKinney!  Geo – as in geography, caching (pronounced “cashing”) as in, hidden treasures, is a real time treasure hunting game one plays using a GPS devise.  And yes, there is an App for that. 

According to, the rules of play are easy.  After visiting their site and signing up, players then go to the “Hide & Seek a Cache” page and enter their zip code.  Participants then can enter coordinates to navigate to specific locations.  Upon arrival, players search the area for the geocache container hidden there. 

Geocache containers can be found throughout McKinney, Texas, the United States and abroad, with locations as diverse as the owners of the caches themselves.  Caches may reflect the talents or interests of the owner, and can be found in historically significant locations, parks, city centers, neighborhoods, farms, or even underwater. 

At its most basic form, a geocache consists of a container and a log book.  The container could be plastic ware, an old ammo box, or even a film roll canister.  Some even include goodies or prizes for the finder, with the general rule, that the finder leaves a treat in return for the next person. 

Some of the Geocache clues found in McKinney have titles such as “Collin McKinney”, “Whose Cache is it Anyway?” and this writer’s favorite, “Mom! Barney Hit Me!”  Players who find the geocache are asked to sign the log within the container, take pictures, and of course, bask in the glory of victory.  Then come back here to Town Square Buzz and post your finds. So what are we waiting for McKinney?  Let’s go Geocaching!




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