Saturday , 26 May 2018

Found: These Kittens Need a Home

Submitted by TSB Community

These four kittens were found in Dallas recently and they all need a loving home. They are all about eight weeks old. See the image gallery below for more pictures of these little darlings. 

Interested? Send the rescuer a direct message on the kitten Facebook page or contact by email

Updated May 2, 2012:

My husband and I rescued 4 (about 8+ week old) baby kittens and their mom (half blind with a destroyed eye and other injuries from some animal attack).

I’m just desperate to find them homes – or find a way to help get them adopted!

We will continue to take care of the mom (as she is clearly un-adoptable), get her spayed (we work with Kitty Co) and give her a place to stay in our back yard.

Unfortunately, we already have three cats – and can’t adopt any more rescues to live with us in our house (too small).

All the no kill shelters I have talked to already (i.e. dogandkittycity) are full and don’t accept any more animals.

Here are some more descriptions:

  • All 4 kittens are from the same mom; She lives outside, but behaves like a house cat – not ferrel – that has been abandoned.
  • Totally tame, loves to be petted and is entirely dependent on humans for food and ..
  • The pregnant mom was brought into our neighborhood by people that moved there – but did not have her spayed …
  • All the 4 kittens lived partially indoors (after their birth) – but then their “owners” decided to put them outside.
  • They are now in constant danger to be run over by cars.
  • And they were not provided with any food, water or shelter; I currently have them in my backyard … but am not sure how long that will work.
  • They are already eating dry cat food.
  • All 4 love to be petted, are totally hand tame.
  • It looks as if the orange tabby and the gray&white kitten are male and the other two are female (not absolutely sure though).
  • All 4 love to play, are really friendly and, clearly cute 🙂


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