Sunday , 27 May 2018

Finding our Inner “Muse-ic”

By: Deborah Ricci, TSB Contributing Writer

Taking time out for ourselves, especially as women, is not always the easiest thing to do. Have you taken some time to nurture your inner Muse? Hey…this would be kind of like being your own Valentine! What kind of girl is her own Valentine, you ask? She is truly committed to finding her bliss and valuing herself enough to keep her eye on the prize. How can a woman truly look inside herself and be able to give her “prize” a name? I think this is one of our most sought after missions, don’t you?

Whether we know it or not, it may only be in our subconscious…a fleeting fancy drifting in and out just flirting with us to pay attention to the wanderlust of our minds. What is your prize? You know the “thing” that continues to nag away at you begging for a fair shake? What does that look like? Mine plays in my head like the continuous loop of an old eight track cassette; over and over, never ending. But here’s the cool part! That loop has been so deeply imprinted in my mind, that now bits and pieces of it are actually starting to show up; small recognizable snippets of the prize I have had my eye set on….My prize!

Any time I journal, pray, make a collage or just speak, I always include a “suggestion” of my prize in the mix. What has begun to happen is I am moving closer and closer to manifesting it. The key is to keep your intention tucked tightly in your heart and share it whenever, however, and with whomever you can. The simple exercise of connecting with your intention will help bring it to you in the most profound ways.

I’m not going to paint a rosy picture. It’s not always easy for women in our society to put all of the other “stuff” aside even for a moment to pursue something different. This kind of “day-dreaming” is not being supported by too many establishments out there. Why is that? Good question! So…that’s why it’s our job to figure out what the proverbial prize looks like and then we can all hatch a glorious plan to attain it freely and most ardently.

Remember seeing old Valentines from your youth? The word “ardently” often appeared in the text. Here’s what I want to say to you. As February draws to a close, take the rest of the month to engage yourself most ardently and define your “prize”. Become your own secret admirer and see where your plans take you as you honour yourself by being your own Valentine. Oh…and don’t forget everything we’ve been talking about all month…sitting when you can, drinking more water, and taking yourself on your very own artists’ date.

There is so much inspiration waiting for us; we just have to be willing to venture out to find it. I promise…it’s a date you’ll be happy you made!

Deborah Ricci is a freelance columnist living in McKinney with her husband, Wil. She can be found playing her “prized” eight track cassette at any given time of the day! Feel free to write Deborah.

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