Friday , 27 April 2018

Films Prompt Social Trends More Than We Realize

hungergames-1As a society, we live to imitate — whether it is socially, by choosing who to become friends with or creatively, like how to decorate your home. It is in our nature to see something we like either on TV or through social media then recreate it. However, the most influential entity in our society is Hollywood and more importantly: films.

For example, people can quote specific movie lines like “Life is like a box of chocolates” or “E.T., phone home.”

Or when you hear specific scores from films like the theme from Jaws or the imperial march from Star Wars, you automatically recognize it.

Films not only create iconic moments that transcend time, but they can also prompt social trends. For instance, Clueless encapsulated ’90’s fashion, encouraging girls to rush to the Gap and pick up mid-drift tops, and making the phrase “As if!” an everyday term. But what is perhaps one of the best examples of the marriage of film and fashion recently, are The Hunger Games.

Women and men are more adventurous with their fashion statements and hair choices. hungergames-3From dip dying hair to making avante garde clothing for everyday, these films have brought about a creative shift in the status quo. For instance, within the last three years the number of women with “unconventional” colors in their hair has grown significantly. Sure, the ‘80’s brought us a taste of unique fashion choices and crazy makeup but it was confined to a generation. No longer are just young people sporting current trends but women and men of all ages are now partaking in them.

Just earlier this year, 67-year-old Oscar winner Helen Mirren wowed the red carpet with pink hair! Now some might say it’s only a fashion trend reflecting Hollywood which is very true; however it may be rooted in something deeper for most people. Isn’t it easier to change your hair color then to change perhaps a relationship? Isn’t it easier to wear outrageous clothing so it seems you’re carefree? When certain change seems impossible or difficult, we as humans create an outlet of self-expression. Whether it’s through tattoos and crazy hair color, or whatever sets you apart; it becomes cathartic and sometimes a necessary survival skill.

Just like The Hunger Games, we have built in mechanisms such as Reality TV that tell us how we should look and how to be on trend. However, unlike The Hunger Games, the choice is up to all of us whether to follow the trend or to make a new one.

Photos by TSB’s Sawyer Erickson

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