Sunday , 24 June 2018

Family Neighbors and Friends Gather To Welcome Home CPL. Zachary Lanagan

CPL. Zachary Lanagan returned home from Afghanistan Monday, Aug. 15, for some much needed R and R. Family, Neighbors and Friends gathered to surprise Zach with a neighborhood cookout.

A very tired Zach was requested to get dressed, that the family was going to go take family pictures. Zach, always the good sport, gladly complied with the request.

The family got into the car and drove a short distance away to enter the driveway of Troy and Carol Borden, where 40 friends and neighbors had gathered to welcome him home with his favorite foods. Zach exited the car with a smile that delighted the crowd and words of appreciation. The family joined him and the party began.

Michael and Noah (Zach’s younger brothers) lead the Pledge of Alligance and the crowd sang God Bless America. All attendees took their turn to chat and encouraged Zach with words of appreciation for his service.

Zach’s favorite cookie is “The Oreo” so he had various forms of the Oreos in ice cream and cake. Papa John’s provide his favorite pizza.

As the evening wore on we realiezed that Zach was very tired and needed rest, so it was homeward bound for him. Zach’s parent’s, Kim and Blake Lanagan, carried their daughter to college the next day in  Missouri. Zach loaded up and made the trip with them so he could see to it that his sister was settled in. The family will return Friday and Zach will relax and enjoy the rest of his stay. Zach will return to Afghanistan for the balance of his tour and will return home in May 2012.

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America.

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