Tuesday , 24 April 2018
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Emily Garrison: Outrage Over MISD Redistricting is Telling

With the touchy subject of re-zoning a hot topic right now, I felt, as a former student, that I should weigh in. I’ve lived in McKinney now for almost 14 years, I’ve grown up here and it sickens me that so many people are “outraged” that their child may go to McKinney North High School or McKinney High School.

Are parents that naive to think that one school has more or less problems with drugs, sex or alcohol? The truth is they all have the same problems! But the real issue here is, why aren’t all the schools in McKinney held to the same standard? If opinioncitizens are this upset, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the other schools. It seems McKinney High School’s remodel hasn’t helped so it’s not just McKinney Boyd’s exterior that parents like. So what is the problem, is it the students or teachers?

If Boyd has such great teachers and opportunities, why isn’t McKinney ISD putting all that time and effort into McKinney North and McKinney High? If we, as a city, are SO concerned with being the number one at everything, shouldn’t that include our school district? Another issue as I see it is, parents can put more time and energy helping guide their child through school instead of expecting a school to make it happen.

Just because your child goes to Boyd doesn’t mean they are any better or worse than other children. I personally had amazing teachers at McKinney High School. I wasn’t cushioned by teachers giving me a free pass. I didn’t get to retake all my tests, so that meant I actually had to study and pay attention in class.

It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you have the right attitude. This is an overall problem and as fast as McKinney is growing, “No Child Left Behind” should be applied across all schools, not just the new ones.

Accountability for a good education starts at home and within the school district.

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