Monday , 18 June 2018

Email To The Editor

Email To The Editor

Email To The Editor

Letter to the Editor in Support of Tracy Rath for McKinney City Council

When I took office as Mayor of McKinney in 2003, one of the first challenges needing to be addressed was the fate of the old courthouse on the Downtown Square.  The courthouse had been officially declared a historic building, so leveling it was out of the question.  But it was an eyesore in the middle of our historic Downtown Square–empty and idle for 28 years—not a pretty sight.

The City Council—after study after study—discussed restoring it for use as office space.  I believed it deserved a higher calling and was convinced that a performing art center could change the dynamics of downtown McKinney.

Tracy Rath was one of the women who led the effort to restore the historic courthouse—and convert it into a performing art center.  The Council voted to fund the project in 2004, and Tracy volunteered to work with the contractor.  When the City needed a liaison to work on a fulltime basis during the construction, Tracy was the obvious choice.  She was hired as Facilities Manager, and she did a terrific job.

Our historic Downtown Square quickly became a meeting place.  Before the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC) existed, you could roll up the sidewalks every day at 5:00 when the shops closed.  After its premiere?  Well, we had another problem…finding a parking spot on the square…any night of the week.

My point?  This letter is not about a building or our downtown square or our decisions—good or bad.  It is about how much difference one person…like Tracy…can make.  She’s running for City Council, and she has my vote…not because she’s a nice person (which she is), not because we’ve always agreed on every issue (which we haven’t).  I’m voting for Tracy Rath because she is the best choice for our Council, and McKinney deserves the very best.  
                                                                                                                                                              Bill Whitfield, Former Mayor of McKinney,  Texas   


I’m voting for Tracy Rath because she is the best choice for our Council, and McKinney deserves the very best.

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