Sunday , 20 May 2018

Eli Hernandez: An Open Message to Mitt Romney – Zip It!

By TSB Contributing Writer, Eli Hernandez

Doesn’t the presidential election already seem like eons ago?

Yet for Mitt, it seems the election just happened yesterday. He insists on reliving his stunning and embarrassing defeat.

It is an almost unspoken rule in American politics that the loser in a presidential contest, graciously concede and then go quietly into the night. Go make a Viagra® TV commercial, but please exit stage left.

But not Mitt, he’s determined to relitigate the election to his legions of mindless zombies, as to why America didn’t fall in love with him.

Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Susana Martinez, George Will, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and many others, have this in common –  they are all Republican and they unanimously concur, yet in polite terms, “Thank you Mitt, you lost Mitt, now go away Mitt.” Yet, just by hanging around and spewing his mouth, he is quickly becoming persona non grata in the Republican party, and rightly so.

Mitt blames his loss on everything and everyone around him. To date he faults the following:

  • The liberal media conspired to make him lose
  • Minorities, college students and women wanted “gifts” from Obama
  • NJ Governor Chris Christi for embracing President Obama during the Sandy hurricane
  • The American voter just didn’t understand his campaign message

That’s right, when in doubt blame the voters. The voters were too stupid to understand him. .

Now, let me be, not so polite Mr. Romney.

Willard, (his middle name) you lost because from the very beginning you were a false conservative.

If it’s one thing I have learned from being a nerdy political junkie, is that the American electorate has some serious memory problems – what I call poliheimers (political dementia).

Does anybody remember that Mitt Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for the senate seat in Massachusetts? Not only that, Mitt ran to the left of Kennedy on most issues: gay marriage, abortion, gun control, taxes, etc.

Mitt Romney is a conservative fraud. He never really believed in conservative principles. He would say and do anything to get elected. And the American people saw right through him.

Republicans had no choice but to vote for him. Republicans would vote an orangutan into office, as long as there is an “R” next to its name – so much for country first, party second.  

No Mitt – minorities, women and Millennials are not to blame for your loss.

YOU are to blame for your decisive defeat. You were a pathetic and flawed candidate.

Right message, wrong messenger!

So do us all a favor and go take a ride in all your car elevators, go hang out with your sport team owner buddies and make fun of the little people, go place your $10,000 bets in Vegas and please take an extended trip to the Caymans to count all your cash.

Go hide under your golden rock and leave us alone. You have done enough damage to the Republican party, to American unity and to true conservative principles.



Eli is a columnist for, a marketer and published author. You may have seen him on the tele or heard him on the radio. Feel free to reach Eli directly via TSB or drop him a note at 

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