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Election 2012: Candidate Overview

MCKINNEY — Last Updated 4/03/12 — Below is an overview of candidates running for local office in 2012. According to Collin County and state election officials, the primary is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29.  The last day to register to vote is April 30.  Early voting runs May 14 through May 25. Visit the TSB Election Center for our candidate interviews. 

While the general election is scheduled for Nov. 6 alongside the presidential race, many Republican candidates will not have other-party opponents. In these cases, the primary election will determine the only named candidate on the general election ballot. Check back on this page for updates as more information becomes available.

TSB does not endorse any candidate.

Texas Senate District 8 (open seat)

Rep. Ken Paxton: A resident of McKinney, Paxton was elected to the State House District 70 in 2002. He is a lawyer by trade. He is the only candidate running for the Senate District 8 seat, vacated by longtime Senator Florence Shapiro of Plano.  Paxton has been endorsed by the Collin County Conservative Republicans, the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association. 

“I’m running because I believe it is my responsibility to reduce the size and scope of government and to protect individual freedom for all Texans. I will continue to champion real taxpayer protections and promote government transparency. The key to increasing our freedoms in society is to minimize the role of government. We must control government spending to reduce the burden on our citizens.”  Paxton Website

Scott O’Grady: (suspended campaign Jan. 30, 2012)

Jack Ternan: Ternan, a Plano resident, is the Democrat running for the Senate District 8 seat. “Texans should be able to do business with other Texans without interference from Washington and Wall Street.  Second, banks should be honest servants, not sly masters.  Third, parents, teachers, and students should decide what happens in our schools, not bureaucrats and politicians.  If elected, I will do what I can to make these goals a reality.” Ternan website.




Texas House District 70 (open seat)

Scott Sanford: A McKinney resident and Executive Pastor at Cottonwood Creek Church, Sanford says “our nation is at a perilous point in history.” A CPA by trade, Sanford is running an anti-government platform and is against dipping into the state’s Rainy Day fund to address budget shortfalls. His priority is fighting big government. Sanford has been endorsed by the Young Conservatives of Texas. Sanford Website.



Bracy Wilson: A McKinney resident, Wilson has roots in education and ministry. He founded a non-profit in McKinney helping teens and college students develop life skills. Wilson’s platform is focused on cutting wasteful spending to create jobs, reform education and improve transportation in Collin County.  Wilson Website. Wilson received an endorsement by the Collin County Conservative Republicans. 



Collin County Commissioner – Precinct 3 (open seat)

Ray Eckenrode: A McKinney resident and commercial real estate investor and manager, Eckenrode emphasizes safety, transportation, and partnerships.  He is running as a leader who will be “open, transparent and available.”  Eckenrode has been endorsed by the McKinney Police Association and Collin County Deputies Association.  Eckenrode Website.



Chris Hill: A resident of McKinney, Hill is a CPA and financial expert.  Hill is running on leadership, integrity and experience. “As a proven fiscal conservative, I am able to address the County’s complex budget decisions with a steadfast commitment to keeping our taxes low…I am committed to building upon the strengths of Collin County and ensuring that our community remains vibrant and successful for future generations.”  Hill received an endorsement by the Collin County Conservative Republicans.  Hill Website.


Collin County District Clerk

Andrea Stroh Thompson: Stroh-Thompson was appointed by the Board of District Judges in December 2011 when then District Clerk, Patricia  Crigger, was found guilty of “abuse of official capacity.” A resident of Plano, Stroh-Thompson is an attorney who previously practiced family law in Plano. She is running on a platform of continuity of service.  Stroh-Thompson wants to “elevate the office of District Clerk through time to restore the citizens’ faith in their department and the elections.” Stroh-Thompson has been endorsed by the Collin County Conservative Republicans, Collin County Deputies Association and elected officials – State Senator Florence Shapiro and State Representative Jodie Laubenberg. Stroh-Thompson Website.



Tim Baker: A resident of McKinney, Baker has been a consultant to small businesses for over ten years, helping executives become more productive and grow their business. He says his experience in delivering results through process improvement and employee motivation will translate well into the public sector as District Clerk.  Baker’s experience will lead to a District Clerk’s office that is the “premier example of excellence.”  Baker Website.


State Board of Education – District 12 (encompasses North Dallas up to parts of Collin County)

George Clayton (incumbent): A resident of Richardson, Clayton ousted the previous incumbent Tincy Miller in 2010.  He is an academic coordinator at North Dallas High School in the Dallas Independent School District. To address a whisper campaign spearheaded by the tea party, Clayton issued a statement to the media in Nov. 2011: “To avoid the tyranny of misinformation and innuendo in this political race, I wish to say that I, in fact, do have a male partner who lives with me in my home in Richardson, Texas.” Clayton website unknown – SBOE Website.


Pam Little: A resident of McKinney, Little is running on a platform of “local tax dollars mean local control and teaching children to learn and think, not to test.”  Little is a business owner (Ace Fence Company) with a background in college instruction and educational publishing.  Little Website.




Geraldine “Tincy” Miller: A resident of Dallas, Miller served on the State Board of Education from 1984-2010.  It unclear from her website what her platform is but her past work on the SBOA centers around Dyslexia. She believes that “we must make certain that our textbooks are historically and factually accurate and not politically correct and we must protect our dedicated Children’s Texbook Fund (PSF) for its intended purpose and not let it be raided by Austin politicians for other purposes.”  Miller Website.


Gail Spurlock: Spurlock is a small business owner who does consulting for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of Management, Training, Technical Writing, and Business Process Engineering. She believes education should be in the hands of the state, teachers and localities, not the federal government.  She says “bi-lingual education is a disservice to the very people its supposed to serve; academic experimentation must be stopped and abstinence-only sex education should be taught.”  Spurlock Website.

Information was compiled from candidate websites and The Collin County Observer, a nonpartisan political blog and The Texas Tribune

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