Monday , 18 June 2018

Do You Believe You Are Creative?

Why should I even care about creativity?
Some people are totally lost, skeptical or both when the word, creativity, is mentioned.

What does it mean and how does it apply to me?
This is a question I hear a lot, and I understand. There are books, programs and a mountain of other resources talking about this very elusive word, but not many people are telling you how it can transform your life.

I practice creativity as a lifestyle ― to maintain loving relationships, to attract abundance into my life, and it even is my guide for running my business.

Creativity is not meant just for musicians and artists. You are creating your life moment by moment, decision by decision. Learning to live your life creatively versus reactively, like the majority of stressed out Americans, will change the way you experience your world.

Learning to be creative is especially useful for those people who think they don’t need it. Being overwhelmed, overworked, over tired is simply the result of a lack of creativity in how you create your life experience.

With the right tools and daily practices, you can begin to integrate consciousness, intuition and desire into a creative expression.

Some of the results of living a creative life are:
• becoming your own authority versus depending on the peanut gallery
• feeling comfortable in your own skin so that you walk through your world with confidence
• taking intentional action vs. having knee jerk reactions
• manifesting relationships that are in alignment with who you desire to be
• becoming a fun, playful person instead of overstressed and overwhelmed
• gaining a sense of control by letting go of the need to control

How do we get our creativity instinct back, or if we haven’t lost it, how do we keep it vital and alive?

We can apply the tools of inspiration that artists invoke to any creative endeavor, be it cooking dinner or transforming our lives. The beginnings of any artistic masterpiece or new scientific discovery lie in the process of the creative journey, which is exactly what we are going to do!

On June 25 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM at the MPAC, I will be leading an experiential workshop (Ink on Your Fingers, Color on Your Soul), guiding you on your journey into the magic and style of your own unique creative process. We’ll begin with gentle moving and stretching so wear comfortable clothes. Between guided imagery, intuitive mixed media art making, and writing exercises — you are going to have the play date of your life! You’ll also unearth your true essence by discovering your archetypes (inspired by the work of Carol S Pearson).

Imagine a day where you:
• are free of mind clutter (and clutter in your environment as a result)
• see opportunities you had been overlooking (leading to more success)
• sculpt your day the way you want it (with a body to match)
• paint your perception to see beauty (especially what you see in the mirror)
• dance into the flow of your natural creative energy (and walk through your world with a new energy)

Turn your life into a masterpiece. Get some ink on your fingers, paint some color on your soul, and live your happy creative life!

I hope you’ll join me on June 25 for a creative adventure. No previous arts background is necessary. This workshop is not focused on technique or skill, but rather on the creative process itself. Just bring your desire to play and have fun!

For more information about the Ink on Your Fingers, Color on Your Soul Workshop and to register: please visit


by Silky Hart who is a Certified Expressive Arts Practioner. For more than 20 years, Silky has been leading sessions, workshops and retreats in creative expression in a wide variety of settings including shelters, schools, treatment centers and healthcare facilities. Silky lives in the historic district of McKinney with her husband, two cats and dog.

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