Sunday , 22 April 2018

Deck the Halls with Peace and Goodness

By Deborah Viapiana-Ricci, TSB Contributor

Okay…the countdown has begun…”ONLY 4 MORE SHOPPING DAYS” as the blaring advertisers keep reminding us…Hopefully you have been able to carve out some much needed “down-time” during this exciting, busy, and crazy time of year.

Let’s take stock…Chances are, most of what really needs to get done will get done…using that as our barometer will help ensure going overboard with “extra” stuff that just doesn’t need doing.  Sit down, and using the “real time” system, figure out how much you still have to do and make sure to include some rest and revival in the process…YOU HAVE TO….and here’s why.  December 25th comes the same time each and every year, yet some of us wait until the last minute to finish up what probably wasn’t all that important to start with.  Go down your list and de-clutter your calendar as much as possible.  This way you will be able to make time for more important activities like planning your holiday meal, whom you and your family might be visiting and what you need to do to get the kids ready to travel…this all takes time…real time.  By investing a little bit of preparation now, you may just be able to pull off this year’s festivities without needing a time continuum machine. 

I’m sure our relations and ancestors had their own share of merriment making, but somehow, they seemed to be happier with less of the smaller, more tedious details and leaned more toward the bigger picture…spending time with loved ones, making favorite treats to share and experiencing new traditions instead of shopping ‘til you drop for that “perfect gift”.  There is no amount of money that can be spent that will take the place of sitting with a child (or three in my case) on your lap while they intently listen to stories from Christmases past…something they will be able to recount for years to come…much more valuable than another video game, I promise.

As our year comes to a close, we may just be wondering how it got here so dang fast.  Here’s what I would love for all of us to focus on.  Don’t worry about the small stuff…concentrate on making memories…know when to quit,  And, let’s remind ourselves and cling to what truly matters…good health, a generous heart and a thriving Spirit. Now…if we could just find a store that sells these things, we’d never have to search for the “perfect gift” ever again.  Pay it forward this season…practice random acts of kindness and don’t look back…there’s plenty of time to make those New Year’s resolutions…

Wishing you and yours a most wonder-filled and peaceful Christmas while we send prayers of encouragement to those who senselessly lost their loved ones in Connecticut…God Bless us EVERYONE!

Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a freelance writer living in McKinney with her husband, Wil.  They can be found happily “merry-making” with their three wonderful grand-sons…Jack, Joe, and James and looking forward to continuing traditions for years to come.  Write her with yours!

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