Friday , 22 June 2018

Dear Tallulah: New relationship and

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Dear Tallulah,

I’ve been seeing a really great guy for a few weeks now.  He says all the right things, takes me out to really great places, and has future plans for the two of us.  However, I doubt his sincerity because he hasn’t gotten off  We met on Match and I just can’t help that he is looking for the next best “flavor” of the day.  Yes, I have been able to see him online daily, and I have hidden my profile. Do you think I should give him an ultimatum (Match or Me?)  Is it even worth the conversation or do you think it is completely innocent?

Matchless in McKinney


Dear Matchless in McKinney,

The internet is a fabulous resource for many things, including meeting your perfect match, but unfortunately it is also full of temptation. It sounds to me like the guy is very interested in you, especially since you mention the possibility of future plans. I wouldn’t make the immediate assumption that he is looking for someone else. First, you state that it has only been a few weeks since you have been seeing each other; have you had the conversation about the two of you being exclusive? This can be a touchy subject because it can scare someone off, but if he is making future plans, then I think it’s a worthy conversation to have. Only you know how to approach this subject. Listen to your gut. If he wants to be exclusive, see if he is still on the website after the conversation. If he is, let him know it bothers you because it could be a peek into a future relationship with a lack of trust. Bottom line… it’s time for a conversation and depending on his reaction, you’ll know what to do.

~Tallulah Belle

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