Friday , 25 May 2018

David Dorman: The Selling of America

By David Dorman, TSB Columnist

I think we citizens all knew that if you make big contributions to a presidential campaign and if the candidate’s elected, somehow, someway you’ll receive favors.

Here are some examples:

Under the Obama administration the following individuals who raised or donated $500,000 received ambassadorships: Eileen Donahoe, Ambassador to UN Human Rights Commission; Howard Gutman, Ambassador to Belgium; Alan Katz, Ambassador to Portugal; Bill Kennard Ambassador to the European Union; Bruce Oreck, Ambassador to Finland; Charlie Rivkin, Ambassador to France; John Ros, Ambassador to Japan; Alan Solomont, Ambassador to Spain; Cynthia Stroum, Ambassador to Luxenbourg.

Now here’s the kicker: If you want to be attorney general like Eric Holder, only $500,000. I’m surprised that it’s not a million.

I’m sure that this has been taking place as long as there has been politics in America. As a matter of fact, from the beginning of time. I guess I was an idealistic person to believe, or should I say that I wanted to believe, that this did not happen in America. I think that’s why we as a people have become so complacent with the system. Our politicians go into office with a net worth of A, and come out with a net worth of X. And I am talking about every one of them. I don’t believe that they ran for office to better America, I believe it’s to better themselves. And at the cost of its citizens.

I’ll go back to the beginning of my thoughts several articles ago. Term limits, term limits, term limits. Perhaps if we limit their stay in office, they can’t rape and pillage us as much. They’ve been very smart to craft a voting force of 20 million-plus federal employees. You won’t see them voting themselves out of a guaranteed retirement, or handouts, as they have a government pension that is supported by you and I. The common citizen has social security. Our government has raided that trust over the course of decades and they call it a loan. Who in the hell do they think is going to pay it back? It’s our taxes that will have to pay back the trust fund. Where as a government employee’s pension is also guaranteed by us, the tax payer.

Frankly, I believe that every congressman, every senator, every federal employee’s pension funds should be immediately transferred to social security. They should receive what we receive. No more, no less. The only way that’s going to happen is if we the citizens demand it. And the only way that’s going to happen is if the voter apathy stops.

We see what’s happening in Europe, the Arab uprising. Some are making headway, some are not. Perhaps we should have a 5 million man march to Washington. Would that get their attention? Would they call in the police to beat us and hose us with water cannons, tear gas? If they called out the army, would they bomb us and shoot us like they’re doing in Syria? Or what they did in Teinaman Square? I would like to think not.

Martin Luther King is the only American I can think of who achieved the changes through peaceful demonstrations and marches. Come on America; am I so idealistic that I believe we can do this?

I hope what I have said is thought provoking, because I’m one American who is tired of being taxed for working my heart out for 50 years, and see the very tax of social security being taxed again when I receive it. Yes that’s right, you’re being taxed on a tax.

God bless America and politics!

Thought of the day:

Publicity is one of the purifying elements of politics. Nothing checks all of the bad practices of politics like public exposure. An Irishman, seen digging around the wall of his house, was asked what he was doing. He answered, “Faith, I’m letting the dark out of the cellar.” Now, that’s exactly what we want to do.

— Woodrow Wilson, our 28th President

David Dorman is a TSB editorial columnist. He served as Mayor of Melissa until 2009, beginning public service there in 1999 after being elected to the city council. Dorman worked many years in the business world prior to public service. He contributes to numerous charitable entities and continues continues to invest in children by offering his time and finances to further the goals of Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. He currently serves on the board of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Collin County.

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